Get to know me!


I realize now that you all don’t know me at all. I figured I should write a little post on myself. I just started reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg at 1 am. I cannot sleep at all and I have to be up early tomorrow so I will be so freaking miserable! 😪

But anyways, My name is Djenne. Pronounced Jah-Nay. I am 19 and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve started a YouTube channel over a year ago called ThisIsMyBoringLife. Which is why this blog is called MyBoringBlog lol. I just try and keep things boring.

I am now in college studying Media Arts and to be honest. I kind of hate it. Throughout school, I’ve always been extremely bored. Like my teachers never teach me anything. I wish I went to school for writing or psychology or science but to be honest. I’m not even sure if I want to stay in school. I don’t know where it would lead. I’m in constant fear of growing up and hating my life. I just want to learn from the world around me. I want to stay creative and be able to express myself. I just want to share the love I have with the world.

I’m always interested in everything. I want to learn how to do everything like sew, properly edit and create videos, skateboard (I bought a $70 skateboard last year that I only used once because I’m too scared to fall on my butt lol). I want so badly to learn how to do photography. Sometimes I get too scared to learn how to do all these new things because I get so scared that I won’t be good enough (another constant fear). I won’t try a lot of things because I’m scared but anyways.. here is how I fell in love with books…

When I was little, I loved reading but then I got so annoyed when teachers would force books on you and they want you to write about them. I hated that so as an act of rebellion, I stopped reading. My freshman year of high school, I felt so alone being in a new environment so I decided to start reading. I remember that I used to go to Barnes and Noble and I’d pick some books out but I’d never finished reading them. I can’t even remember them now but the book that I finally finished was Forever by Judy Blume and I loved it so much. I got into reading romance and my favorite author was Susane Colasanti. I adored all of her books, I’ve read each one but the most recent two. As you all know, I couldn’t finish Now and Forever and I have yet to pick out City Love but anyways.

I fell in love with a new genre of books when my sister recommended that I read the Hunger Games and I loved that book so much that I needed more like that so I read the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu and I cannot express how much love I feel towards that book. It is absolutely amazing. I totally recommend it to everyone lol.

Sidetone if you were wondering, one of my favorite books is Dash and Lily’s book of Dares. That book is so beautiful. It’s the only book I’ve ever reread. I always get distracted when I find new books but that book? I love it oh so much!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions or book recommendations please leave them in the comments below ✌🏾

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