Don’t let fear stop you.

I’ve decided to write whatever and let it be raw. I hope to grow in my writing and videos and whatever I put my mind to. I promise myself not to let doubt stop me from doing what I want to do. I’ll practice. I’ll grow and become the best me I can be.

I let doubt stop me writing posting stories. Feel free to leave positive criticism. I’ll learn and become an even better writer.

One response to “Don’t let fear stop you.”

  1. I think it’s quite brave to write with complete abandon in spite of fear. That honesty makes your work authentic and real. At the same time I also feel that discretion has it’s place as well. My concern is that something you write may be used against you. People can be treacherous. That’s why self confidence and assurance is so important.
    P.S.” Whatever ” is a compound word. Spelling, grammar and editing is essential for a writer. Otherwise, the reader may misinterpret you work. Worse, may not take it seriously.
    I hope this is considered constructive (positive) criticism.


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