Opinion on Drinking

Lately, consumption of alcohol has been on my mind. Being a child of two alcoholics, so many people feel like they need to tell you what and how to drink just so that I won’t be like them. I’ve grown to have my own opinion and my own relationship with drinking alcohol.

So, do you think it’s okay to drink when you’re stressed? I think that within that stressful time period, like when i was depressed for 3 months earlier this year, I drank within that time. Not  get wasted and unable to function after drinking. Just two or three bottles of wine.

I know someone who has a strong opinion of drinking. She believes that no one should ever drink alcohol when you’re upset. Though, she does want to partake. She prides herself on not drinking and staying sober during her stressful times and shares that opinion to others.

Because of her opinion, I’ve been really thinking about my stance on drinking.

I feel that drinking is fine, I feel like I always will. My parent would finish an entire bottle of Hennessy in one day all by himself and have a couple beers along with it, then do the same the next day. Now having a glass of wine in the bath 3 times a week or putting some liquor in your OJ to go with dinner. Not getting wasted each night, just having that buzz is fine. It’s when you get reliant on that glass of alcohol to make you feel or make you fun when you start depending on it to make you forget or function. That’s when there is a problem. Even if one night that week, you choose to have two glasses of wine instead of one. It’s alright.

Everything is okay in moderation, as long as you’re hydrating and eating and remaining healthy. Not using alcohol to solve your problem. I feel like it’s okay. Even if you need to smoke a bit to calm your nerves. What you do if fine. just know your limits and realize when or if it gets accessive. If you crave that substance and refuse to do anything unless you’re under some influence. That’s when it should be taken seriously.

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