The Train Story.

As she sat there with her auburn hair and her face scrunched so tight, I saw exactly how her face will age in the next 10 years that I hope she’d stay married to me. I’ve been apologizing for the past 3 hours. Trying to give her her favorite things, her blanket, her best cup of tea, I ordered her favorite foods from her favorite place and she still is angry with me, she still looks like an enormous red tomato. I just want to make her happy, to make her feel better.

I was too busy to remember her anniversary. It’s been two years since she quit her job working 9-5 in a boring office. She loved making crafts, all kinds of crafts. So, she started her very own business. She even has her own shop.

My wife is the kind of woman who celebrates everything. She celebrates the day we bought our house together, the day we met, our first date. It’s adorable but I don’t understand why it’s so important to her. To have a huge celebration every time. If we could just celebrate by having a calm night in or buying expensive foods but instead, we craft decorations to go around our home. We cook foods from scratch. We work so hard and all day for one celebration only to work that hard again in a week or a month. She gets furious when we don’t properly celebrate these events. Working has been so hard lately. The office is completely understaffed and I’ve been working  3 different jobs in the company. I’m my boss’ assistant, I organized pretty much everyone’s papers and I do my own work. Work has been stressful and now, coming home to a grumpy wife is the topping of my crappy week. How am I expected to remember everything?

We go to bed without resolving anything. The next morning, when I get up, she isn’t there. She left for her morning jog without waking me up for a morning kiss. I know this is something that we can easily discuss but how do I talk if she has been ignoring me and giving me super red tomato face.

Before I get out of bed, I’m determined to go to sleep tonight happy and cuddling my wife. Within a half-hour, I’m in my car and heading out to find everything needed to celebrate, “the time I forgot her anniversary”. The first thing on our list is her favorite tacos. She and I love seafood tacos but her favorite place is Seafood Hugger. They have a taco shell hugging a lobster. It’s a weird sign and she loves it. I buy us a dozen tacos with lobster, crabs, shrimp, and catfish. I order for flowers to be sent to the house. I get fairy lights from Target and the coziest blankets I can find. I get us two bottles of wine and a cake from her favorite bakery (she loves the devil’s fruit cake). Just to top everything off, I get her balloons that read “I’m sorry”.

Soon after, I rush home and start decorating. She’ll be at her shop until 8. I have 3 hours to deck the living room with fairy lights and make a huge fort. Once the fort is done, I make sure there is enough room for our Mac screen, the food, wine, and tea area. We’re crazy tea people. We love our tea. In addition to all that, we need some space for us to lay down and roll around without destroying anything.

When I’m finally finished, the living room looks like campers have inhabited our home. I wrote a letter telling her to get ready for a Netflix night. I put her PJ’s in a bag and flowers on the kitchen table so she’ll see it when she comes in. Five more minutes and my wife will see all that I’ve done to make it up to her and make her happy. 5 more minutes and I will be rewarded and told that I am the best wife ever. I can’t wait.

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  1. Loved the story. Both interesting and realistic. Many can identify with the couple dynamics. (i.e. compromise, opposite behavior etc.) Also loved the surprise ending.

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