The remainder of my last story will take some time to get to. It’s a bit hard for me to write the kind of story that I want to write so, it’ll take some time with me analyzing it.


I’ve been talking to other people about writing and they love to tell me that I’m a writer because I write but it’s so difficult to actually consider myself a writer. I’ve just started this whole writing thing up and I still don’t feel completely confident in my writing.  I’ve been wondering if I ever will. When will I feel confident about the words that I string together to create a life, a story?  I have no idea. I read such amazing books and I just wonder if I’ll ever be nearly as good as them. I can’t wait to go to school and grow so much more in my writing.  I love learning and I would love to learn how to be the best writer that I can be.


Writing scares me because I love to do it but I never know if I’m good enough. Maybe it’s my own confidence that I need to work on.

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