The Surprise.

“I’m coming, Mom,” Luna mumbles to herself.

When Luna reached the bottom stair of the staircase, She is greeted by her mother holding a furry body in her hand. Squirming in her arms a bit but her mom is still holding the little ball of fur.

“What’s that?” Luna asked her mom.

“It is our new cat. I haven’t named him yet but I just got him from the shelter. I thought it would lighten up the house. I know you’ve been having a hard time lately and I figured a change could help you out.”

“Thanks, Mom but can he handle a cat? Do you have food or a bed? or toys? Can we afford to feed another mouth?”

“Of course we can. I bought some things from the shelter and your mom will bring home the rest. We thought of everything. We wanted to surprise you. Now, he doesn’t have a name yet. Any ideas?”

“How about ‘Tom the Cat’ or Fireball since he’s all orange?”

“How about Tom Fireball Louis?”

“I like it!”

Luna ran toward her mom to hold her new cat. Her mother leads them into the living room to sit on the couch.

“I know things have been hard and that dealing with your depression is difficult. I don’t fully understand how you’re feeling or what’s happening for you but your mom and I are always here for you. You know?”

“Yes, I know. Thanks, Mom”

Her mom sighed and put her arm around Luna. Holding her close and admiring the new addition to their family.

They sat there together until Luna’s mom got home.

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