Hello from space!

The best feeling in the world is peace. To feel at peace and serene. I love that feeling. There is nowhere in the entire universe that can make me feel as peaceful as I feel in this spaceship with Myra and Cylo.

These two people, my best friends, and this sleek black spaceship. Inside the ship, it’s cluttered with our junk, like it’s our home, our little corner. Scattered around the ship, there are mementos, from planets we’ve visited. My favorite is a rock from a planet we found. We call it Clover because the whole place smelled of clovers. Myra found this little black rock that glowed blue and green. I have no idea where she got it but it’s my favorite. It sits on this dog that Cylo found. It ’s a robot dog. We found him on a junkyard planet. It doesn’t work though.  I have no idea who created this dog. We didn’t even know that it was a robot because it looks so much like an actual dog. A black pit-bull that stands on all fours. It doesn’t move, not one bit but it’s ours. The dog for our moving home.

Myra just picked me up from home and we’re on our way to get Cylo. Myra has been scarily quiet since she picked me up. Something happened with her family that she’s still brewing about. She refuses to talk about it so I just sit in the passenger seat, facing Myra and admiring her. Growing up, I’ve seen so many different people from different planets, so many different species. Really, I’ve seen everyone, my mom works with the Intergalactic Alliance, so does Myra and Cylo’s parents. My point is, of everyone I’ve come across throughout my life, no one looks as breathtaking as Myra. Have you ever looked at your friend or even a celebrity and just wondered how they could possibly be. How can a living thing be this stunning without any help? Her species is, Mezitonian from Mezoprious.

So far from where you’re reading this, Earth that I won’t explain exactly where it is. We all live so far from Earth, My home.

Myra is pink. Everyone on her planet is variations of pink. She is the color of a blush. Stages of a blush, the edges of her body have the blush of pink then the color gets deeper towards her center. She comes in shades of color and that’s not the only amazing things about her. She’s fuzzy. Not like arm hair, she has very short fur all on her skin. So short that you don’t even notice that she has fur. I just call it fuzz. She is fuzzy with eyes with huge black and ice blue irises, it’s a mix of color. Her hair is black and there’s still mixes of her fur and antennae within her mesh of hair. And one of the coolest things about her is that she has… wait for it… wings! Yes, wings and they aren’t always visible, the come out when she chooses or when she gets really excited about something.

I admire Myra and all she is, all of the universe worked so hard to make her as perfect as possible. She has high cheekbones, a sharp jawline, and chubby cheeks. She has the smile lines of a very happy childhood. She’s a princess on her planet, she has a crown and everything. She’s second in line to the throne soon her free time, she explores the universe with me and Cylo.

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