Hello, All

Hello, here’s a little update:

I’ve left home and went away to school. I’m currently attending SUNY Purchase. My major is Journalism and my minor in Gender Studies. I plan on changing my major to Creative Writing for my next semester. I’ve been here for over a month and I am loving it here! I’ve met so many amazing and fun people. I already feel at home here.

Leading up to going away to school, I was so excited to go away to school, I created a whole countdown on my youtube channel because I was just SO excited to leave and start this new adventure. It wasn’t until I left my mom that I realized how nervous I was. I’m the kind of person who likes things to have structure. It’s not that I don’t like change but new things just make me anxious. I had to force myself on the first day to go to orientation. I was so scared but I did, and I made friends who I still talk to now. One of them also happen to live on my floor but I’ll get back to that.

I was also dying to meet my roommate who I didn’t talk to prior to going to school when I got there, I was expecting to meet her and spend time with her during our first weekend but I wasn’t able to meet her until the end of the welcoming weekend. I was so nervous about having a roommate. They can be your best friend or worst nightmare. My roommate just so happens to be absolutely amazing. Some nights, we stay up late and just talk. She’s a better roommate than my sister. We have dance parties in our room ALL the time!

My roommate and I are in a special dorm and on a special floor where only the amazing live. Everyone on my floor hangs out together. We get dinner, go off campus, go to parties, gossip. It’s an amazing friend group and my very first friend on the floor was the amazing girl I met on my first day at orientation. I saw her sitting on the floor during our hall meeting and we bonded over the fact that both our roommates weren’t there during the first weekend and we had no one to hang out with. She and I bonded so quickly. I already met her mom and she is excited to meet mine.

I am really loving school so far, it is over a month in and I pray that things only get better and better. The only thing that kinda sucks is homework but everything else is amazing! Now, I’ve gotta get back to homework! Look out for more short stories and maybe even poems from my creative writing class!

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