Grey: Creative Writing Assignment

Okay. So he’s cute. Really cute.
When his eyes crinkle
When he smiles.
And nice, always to me
My special treatment.
And goodness, he’s funny.
He’s charming
And just so great.

I don’t know if he’ll like me

Okay. So, I am cute
With my wild curls and
Daring smile.
I’m a bit quiet and funny
And charming. I’m pretty
great. I love me.


I don’t know if he’ll like that

Okay. So, he’s a Taurus
And I’m a Capricorn.
He’s about fitness
And I can get into that.
He’s flirty and I loooove
Being flirted with.


I don’t think he’s into me like that.

Okay. So…..
I mean…..

Okay. So, I’m black . You know
And he’s white

Which is fine and all
I’m not complaining


Will he like me?

Even thinking that he
Wont like me hurts me.
I mean
What kind of world.
Makes you think like that?

Why does skin color make
Not like another?

Now, say I love him and
He loved me.

Then what?

I mean we’ll be happy,

I’m a dreamer
I can see us together
Happy, loving
I’m fine with that

Does he see me like that?

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