Okay. So he’s cute. Really cute.
When his eyes crinkle
When he smiles.
And nice, always to me
My special treatment.
And goodness, he’s funny.
He’s charming
And just so great.

I don’t know if he’ll like me

Okay. So, I am cute
With my wild curls and
Daring smile.
I’m a bit quiet and funny
And charming. I’m pretty
great. I love me.


I don’t know if he’ll like that

Okay. So, he’s a Taurus
And I’m a Capricorn.
He’s about fitness
And I can get into that.
He’s flirty and I loooove
Being flirted with.


I don’t think he’s into me like that.

Okay. So…..
I mean…..

Okay. So, I’m black . You know
And he’s white

Which is fine and all
I’m not complaining


Will he like me?

Even thinking that he
Wont like me hurts me.
I mean
What kind of world.
Makes you think like that?

Why does skin color make
Not like another?

Now, say I love him and
He loved me.

Then what?

I mean we’ll be happy,

I’m a dreamer
I can see us together
Happy, loving
I’m fine with that

Does he see me like that?


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