Christmas Challenge

Hello, Everyone!

I want to give you all a heads up that my 25 Days of Christmas Challenge may be a bit sketchy at first because of all the studying that needs to be done for my finals but I am determined to get them all out throughout the month of December. This challenge for me is testing my creativity by writing and editing all these stories by myself.

This challenge is a test for me to work on my creative writing skills. That being said, if you would like to do the challenge with me, here’s what I’m following:

December 1: Star

December 2: Hot Chocolate

December 3: Snow

December 4: Candy Canes

December 5: Christmas Tree

December 6: Angel

December 7: Pyjamas

December 8: Tinsel

December 9: Ice Skating

December 10: Frost

December 11: Eggnog

December 12: Cider

December 13: Peppermint

December 14: Gingerbread

December 15: Presents

December 16: Fireplace

December 17: Stocking

December 18: Cookies

December 19: Santa

December 20: Sled

December 21: Snow Man

December 22: Jingle Bells

December 23: Carols

December 24: Icicle

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