Day 1: Stars

Here is the first story. I once again want to say that these stories are written and edited by me. I usually try asking other people for their input before I post my stories but I am working on being more self-reliant and only going to others when I really need it. I hope to see growth in my writing when I finish this challenge. I hope you guys like it!

First Date

Christine spent the entire day trying to find the perfect outfit and to calm herself by watching youtube videos. She asked Joel on a date after they finished their Intro to Literature final last week. She wanted to ask him out for the entire semester and was too nervous. But when she and he had to work on their final project together she decided to take the chance and ask him out. 

While waiting for their date at 6 o’clock tonight, she called her best friend five times and ended each phone call asking whether she should make an excuse and cancel her plans because of her emotions of both nervous and excited but to cancel today would mean that all her efforts to get this date, encouraging talks in the mirror, would mean nothing.

Joel wandered around his favorite bookstore for four hours. He didn’t come here to find a new book. He didn’t even have the intentions to buy anything. He just needed to be someplace that would calm him down. Joel has been daydreaming about this day for the entire week since Christine asked him on a date. He kept wondering how it would go. Would he like his surprise later? Would it make her smile?

He had hung out with Christine many times while working on their project and they have both gotten comfortable with each other. Though their relationship has gone into a comfortable friendship, this is their first date.

He spent his morning stressing because he kept wondering how tonight will go. He quickly realized that the only way he could calm himself down would be to do his favorite things. He picked up his tea from his favorite cafe before heading to the bookstore where he intends on staying until his date tonight. He has two more hours until he has to meet up with Christine. Enough time to wander around some more and find books.

While waiting for the crossing light, Joel sees Christine standing outside of the Court St. movie theater. He decides to take this opportunity to admire her from afar. One of the things Joel admires about Christine is the way she dresses. She dresses casual but elegant. To him, she looks royal. Though she was bundled up from the cold, he could still see her bright red dress that stood out against her grey jacket and her black stockings. Her curly hair was put in a high ponytail and of course, she was wearing her red over the ear headphones that perfectly matched her outfit. Joel was underdressed in comparison, with his jeans and white button up which was hidden under his huge winter jacket. It took Joel a moment to notice that the light has changed so he rushes across the street to go and meet her.

“Christine! Hi. How are you?” He says while slightly stumbling over his words.
“Hey, Joel! I am freezing!”Christine responded and reached up to give him a hug. Joel was a foot taller than her. “Come on! Let’s go in.” 

Christine opens the door for both her and Joel and leads them both into the theater. They made small talk about the movie they were about to see. Because Christine doesn’t like science fiction. It took them both some time to decide on a movie to watch but they settled on a Christmasy action-comedy. A weird mix but they both love Tracey Morgan so it was the best choice.

In the theater, Christine didn’t know if she should try and get closer to him or not. She always hated the idea of going to a theater to make out with someone. Spending money to see a movie but all you did was snog.

She tried watching the movie but her thoughts were overtaken by her wanting to touch Joel. She wanted to get closer to him, she wanted to feel what it was like to be close to him. To hold his hand or to snuggle into him. She craved being touched by him but she was too afraid to make the move. She didn’t know where the action would take her. For the entirety of the movie, she argued with herself about her decision and daydreamed about what it would be like to actually make the move.

“So, um… How did you like the movie?” asked Joel
“I really enjoyed the movie. It was so funny!” replied Christine, knowing that she couldn’t remember a thing about the movie.
“How did you like the part where Joanne and Michael argued? “
“It was so funny. I really liked Joanne’s character. It reminds me of Pauline from class. She always made some weird noise or that weird laugh from class. Remember?
“Yea! I had to sit next to her for half of the semester. She always made weird comments out my hair. Like if she could touch it or smell it. She was weird. Why would I let her touch my fro?”
All Christine could do was smile at that comment. Joel’s hair was what made her notice him. You could tell he took great care of it.

“I know. She is not allowed to touch such beauty”
“Awe. You think my hair is beautiful?” Joel stopped to pose for her.
“Ha! Come on. Where should we go now? I could go for something to eat. If you’d like.” Christine asked.
“Yea, okay. Let’s get some food. I know a place close by.”
“Lead the way”

Joel took them through the back streets of Brooklyn to get to the restaurant. Christine was surprised when she saw that it was an old school diner but when she looked at Joel and saw how excited he was they had arrived, she relaxed into open-mindedness.


“Okay. I know this looks a bit strange but the food here is great and they have the best view.” Joel said smiling as hard as he possibly could and almost reached to grab Christine’s hand but thought better of it. He ushered her towards the back of the restaurant. The front of the restaurant is like any other diner but the back was dimly lit so that you could see… stars.

Joel turns to look at her and asks, “So, how do you like it?”
“How?” Was all Christine could get out.
The sight before her was breathtaking. She couldn’t understand how she was seeing the stars in Brooklyn. There has always been too much light from the city to see as many stars as she was seeing now. At first glance, she could constellations clearly. All she could do was look up at Joel and smile.

Joel’s face immediately brightened when he saw her smile. “I remembered you saying that you loved seeing the stars when you visited your family down south. So, I wanted to show you this… so that you could… have it… here.” Joel started getting shyer while he spoke. Maybe it was too much or too intimate for a first date. Maybe she’ll think that this was weird.

“Joel,” Christine finally said, tears peeking from her eyes. “This is so sweet. Thank you.” She reached over to hold his hand and smiled at him before she planted a kiss on the rim of his lips. She held it there for a while until she broke away and they smiled at each other and soon they both looked back up at the stars.

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