First Post of 2017!

Hello, All!

It’s the first post of the year and so, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

All right, my motto of the year is “you ain’t gon’ sleep on me”. I know, it sounds weird but I noticed that last year, I didn’t put all of my energy into things that I liked, enjoyed or just had to do. I’d put half my energy into things and I feel like it’s now expected of me. This year, I want to do more. To show myself that I can actually do all that I want. I want to get all A’s work on my blog, youtube channel, writing, Instagram and my relationships in my personal life.

Since I love being honest, I must admit that there was a slight hiccup. I’ve had a creative block and seasonal depression hit me like a bitch. I’m now trying to work on myself. I have some blog post ideas that I’d like t work on and some video ideas. I hope that there is now a turnaround.

Anyway, thank you for reading! I’ll be posting soon!

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