I hardly ever post anything in this because I feel like everything I write is shit. When I write creatively for school. My teachers are so into it and giving me good grades but honestly. I think it’s all shit.

I heard that a good writer is someone who hates what they write but shit. I wish I can finish something that I am in love with. I’ve been writing this one story for years and I still don’t feel like it has everything it needs. Like I’m doing it justice. Like if someone else wrote it, it would be better. I always wonder when I’d finally feel like my work is great.

I’m just gonna keep writing and posting it here. All of my shot writing and let’s see where it goes. It just feels good to post.

I’m almost home so I’ll post more. Hopefully. Let’s see how this goes! I’m in for a stressful summer.


The phone poem 

What happens when the kiss ends?
I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want you. From the second, I saw you, I felt that we needed to be something more. The second time, I knew for sure.
I think of you in every moment of every day. Wondering what dinner would taste like if you were here with me. If I could fall asleep easier in your arms. If our favorite show would be funnier with you there with me.
Could life actually be sweeter if I lived it with you?
I catch myself thinking of the far future. When we create a life. When we hold hands at family functions and hold each other in good days and bad. Sharing secrets and love. Becoming a team. The sun to my moon. I think far too much of what could be. What could happen? after that first kiss.
We can have that sweet moment of closeness. Breathing in each other. Seeing the details in our skin. Finally being close to you. When our lips finally meet. Filled with hope and passion, sweetness. Arms wrapped around each other. Feeling all that is new. What we get to touch for the first time. The strength of your body pressed against mine. Your hand in my hair. Stroking my neck. At my waist pulling me closer. I want you. All of you. Now that we’re here. After our first kiss. Our first connection. What happens now?