What makes me happy.

I figure I should start this off by talking about what makes me happy or what generally makes me happy. I love to read but I added so much pressure on myself when it comes to reading so when I do it, I’m happy but when I don’t finish it in time, I feel shitty.

I really like both the colors yellow and pink. I’ve always liked yellow, it’s the sunshine and it’s my aesthetic right now, give me everything yellow. I can’t even remember why I like pink but I see a nice warm pink and I fall in love.

Writing is hella therapeutic and so is making and editing videos. I love tea and hanging with family (even though they stress me out) and hanging out with my friends. I love finding and learning new things. Music makes me happy and finding dope new artists. I love the arts. All kinds of creativity, if I’m creating it or just enjoying it. I love Moments. Those moments that mean something, those pivotal moments in every relationship that you just feel is important. I love dogs and kids but honestly, sometimes Thye give me so much anxiety but I still love them. I FUCKING LOVE FOOD. I love eating it and cooking it and finding new recipes or new places to go. I love shopping and finding new journals and books. Dancing and sometimes, getting lost in the music and a crowd is amazing. I like rainy days indoors and knowing that people know me and know what I want without me saying anything.

I love my hair and black hair and black people and black media. Love tech and learning new tech. I love traveling and seeing all things new

I feel like I should chill now but key in all that you love and know that when you’re in need of a bit of joy, here is a list of backups. Little pick me ups.

Sometimes you gotta start small. Head out and buy yourself something new or go to that one place you always wanted to go to but never had the time or never dared to. New recipes, call a homie. Change things up, dude.

One response to “What makes me happy.”

  1. That was a great pick me up


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