Products I want to buy because they’re bomb – Lush Edition

I am so obsessed with buying new things that will make me shine like the fucking star that I am. My only problem is that I am always fucking broke but, I wanted to create a list of things that I would buy if I could and explain how amazing they are.

I am obsessed with products that are cruelty-free. Here is a list.

Lush products will be number one on the list because I fucking love how natural lush is. I went on a Lush bender a few years ago and my skin was shining and so clear. My skin grew so much, I had a whole Lush routine and my body was so happy. I would buy every single Lush product if I could but I will limit myself to only two in each of my categories. The categories are skin care, hair care, bathing time (showers are included).

Skin Care:
Angels on Bareskin

Angels on Bare SkinAngels on Bare Skin
I used this baby when I was on my bender and it did wonders for my face. My face was so soft every time I used it. My skin was glowing. The ingredients were fresh and you can find them if you want to click the link above. One ingredient was ground almonds which are a gentle exfoliant and it helped out my skin tone. It evened everything out. SO AMAZING! The cheapest is $15.95.

Next is a moisturizer, another product that I used during my bender.

I know that this is a product that I used but it is priced at $40.95. I want to say that I can’t see myself spending that much on moisturizer but I do spend a lot when I am depressed so… I thought my skin was dry so I used this product that helps with dry skin. I know that this product lasted a long while so, maybe it was worth it. It has a bunch of nice oils used to keep your skin shining throughout the day. One ingredient is fresh Papaya juice and it’s good for reducing scarring. My skin takes FOREVER to heal so these two products kept my skin’s coloring even and amazing!

Hair Care:
Okay, I love my hair so much and making this list is kinda hard because I love their hair care products.

I am a huge sucker for leave-in conditioners. My all-time favorite is R&B. It lasts so long and locks in moisture. It’s priced at $25.95 and it’s amazing. It’s the smaller size and god. it lasted so long. One ingredient is Avocado Butter and that shit is filled with oil and nutrition that made my skin soft and healthy. My favorite hair care product hands down!

Queen Bee
Queen Bee
Now this one, I’ve never tried but I’ve heard great things. This is a product for us ladies with afros. (Afros-African. Just because your hair is curly or unmanageable doesn’t make it an afro if you’re not African or of African descent). Alright so, this product is a moisturizer. Two poppin ingredients are African Honey (hehe) and Cocoa butter Honey gives hair sheen and adds moisture to hair preparations and cocoa butter strengthens and moisturizes your hair. There are a bunch of lovely oils in this mixture that will make your hair nice, shiny, styling and happy! Priced at $16.95.

Bathing Time:

It’s Raining Men

It's Raining Men

I haven’t used this soap but I’ve always loved the name and the scent every time I went into the store. I also love honey, the price of the smallest one is $9.95. Honey makes my skin hella soft and makes me feel super fucking smooooooth. I want it!



Aaaaaand I love bath bombs. I want them ALL but I mostly love the ones that are dark and feel like I’m in stars. Sooo… Intergalactic is my favorite. It’s not dark but honestly, watching it melt is the best thing ever! It’s priced at $7.75.

EXTRA!Charity Pot

Charity Pot
I also need to point out that Charity Pot is a great ass body lotion. Not only does it make your skin super soft. It has Jojoba Oil which is amazing! and you buy one and the entire amount gets donated to small grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights. Totally amazing! BUYYY. its $7.95 – $27.95.

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