End of the week

My last blog post was all about confidence. It wasn’t quite as artistic and thought to provoke as I wanted but I was forcing words out of myself so that was expected.

Today, I want to go over my week. my best friend since kindergarten made her way back to me this week and we had so much fun. It was so good seeing her after what feels like 7 years even though she has visited in between the time she moved across  America. I enjoyed my time hanging with her and I wish I can see her sooner rather than later. She is my other half, my partner in crime and I just love her. We saw Spider-Man: Homecoming together and it was SO GOOD. If you didn’t know, I’m a huge superhero nerd. I love the movies, TV shows, and comics. It’s my favorite.

Together, she and I found a desk for my room and now I feel like my room is so close to being complete. I have beautiful plants and all I want is more candles.

I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons why I’m lacking in confidence is because I hate the summer. I have no idea how to dress for this season. I like some days to be revealed while others aren’t and I can’t play around how I like in the summer. I like layers and jackets. I want Autumn! The cool brisk air. GIVE IT TO ME!

I went to the doctor and found out about my food allergies, I am only slightly allergic to nuts, lobster, shrimp and crabs (crustaceans) and watermelon (haha, stereotypes) Nothing serious so I am safe. I will, however, be doing allergy shots because I am far too allergic to my environment. I want to be able to run around a park. I want to jog in the morning and I can’t do that right now. I almost had an asthma attack running for the bus. I want to be able to be more active without any fear.

The past few days, I’ve been in and out of nausea. My period is super bad atm and hormones are raging, It happens when I eat or smell weird shit. I’m on a bus heading to Maryland for a wine fest and I am just hoping that sickness doesn’t happen again.

This week wasn’t too bad. I just wish I got more sleep. I think I’ll try and sleep on this bus ride. Oh! I got these super cute jeans that make my butt look amazing and I’m downloading a shit ton of apps to help with my health and fitness. I’ll do a post about it when I know I’ve found the best apps.

I came to the conclusion today that I want to go back to London sometime soon so maybe I’ll do a post on that too. I’m gonna try and nap so, I’ll post something soon. TTYL! ❤

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