Wild Week. Mildly Wild. Like kinda chill.​

So, I wanna chat about my week. Saturday, I went on a scavenger hunt with my JAIANTS. It’s a youth led organization all about empowering one another. It’s amazing! We go on trips to build our team building and to help us grow as individuals and this Saturday, we went on a scavenger hunt and it was SO MUCH FUN! We started the day in an escape room and I always wanted to do that! It was so cool! We spent the rest of the day walking around NYC and enjoying each other’s company and finding strangers to talk to. it was a blast!

Sunday, I decided to chill for the day and then at night, I went to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. It was nice and relaxing and boy, did I miss my cousins!

Monday, I started going to a new therapist! Whoo! I want to do a post about finding the therapist in NYC. I had a hard time, I’m seeing people that I know but I do have ways to find therapists, psychologist, and all that jazz.

Therapy was really nice and I totally enjoyed speaking with her.

After therapy, I went to get my very first allergy shots. It went fine and there were no allergic reactions after the shots but I was kinda tired.

Tuesday was filled with being sleepy, bad thoughts and thinking that I was sick. I ended my day feeling like I may have an asthma attack. My mom called and ask the ER if I should come in and I used my asthma pump like crazy. Just hoping things would get better.

I keep thinking about all that I need to schedule and organize everything. Especially getting back to school! I have so many things to pack and plan and I still have a few weeks before I need to get there. Geez. I also need to start working on my film series on YouTube. I need to edit videos and pre-upload for week one and two. I’ve been so tired. I can’t think straight or focus. I just want to lay in bed and watch Charmed.

Okay, the top part was written on Tuesday!

My asthma and allergies are still acting up and I’ve been documenting it for my doctor. I’ve gotten more organized and started planning and editing some videos. I have so many videos to create and shit out. I feel like I’m putting myself through a lot of stress though I still want to get all of this done.

This week has been me setting boundaries and trying to get out of tough spots on my own. One huge help has been my sweet love, Joe-Ann. I wonder if she actually reads this. Either way, I love her.

I realized the other day that it is great for me to start writing everything out. Like, I’m so interested in so many things and I just save it in my phone or in bookmarks but I always forget about these things. I’m gonna try and start writing in my brand new journal and hope it helps me out!

It’s been hard doing my weekly exercises because I can’t really breathe right. That pressure this app is giving me… even though it doesn’t send any notifications…

I am super tired so, yo homegirl is out, yo (That was weird but we’ll just leave it alone. PeAcE OuT!)

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