Holla at yo growth

Okay, so this summer is coming to an end and to that I say, THANK GOD. I hate the summer. Give me all those autumn feels. Give me fucking layers and cozy ass blankets. Fuck the beach. Nah meaaaann???

Now, at the start of this summer, I knew something was gonna go on. I did not want the summer to start because I was so reluctant to experience the growth I knew I’d make all summer. Even while the summer started, I kept hearing all this great advice that I knew I should take but I was so stubborn. I closed my ears to all of it.

I was fine with improving my physical health but when it came emotional improvement and being a better friend and person to everyone. I was being so damn stink.

It wasn’t until like two weeks ago when I really started to accept that this summer was meant for growth. I started to really notice and acknowledge the people around me. I started focusing on my feelings and how my actions can affect others. It came in like a wave, the realization that being this stubborn and closed off person is not helping anyone. I need to chatting and being open to my friends about my feelings and opinions because when you’re not, you’re just holding yourself back. That fear of the unknown definitely holds you back and I am tired of being scared and closed off to everything so I’m gonna be wide open… like deeeez legs… Just kidding but really. Express yo self and stay free.

Stay positive, stay popping, pop that pussy for a real nigga.

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