The Bold Type

Hello! So, this is on the go blogging. I have been so busy these past few days that I haven’t been able to write or edit a video. My only chill time is when I’m exhausted and watching Charmed.

I have a head cold that’s making my head all wonky, b
are with all of my wordings if they’re weird.

Today is Tuesday which means one of my favorite shows is coming on… The Bold Type! it shows up on Freeform. Ugh! Okay. So, this show is all about powerful and bold women. Women who embrace their sexualities and are confident and are taking on their lives and in control and just. GAH! EVERYTHING! I love this show. I love shows where I can see women in powerful roles. Who isn’t getting belittled by the men around them? It’s so inspirational. Sometimes, I rewatch episodes just to give me the power to get through my day.


Watching this show made me wonder what else is out there that’s all about inspiring women. That embraces all things women and don’t shy away from issues because it’s taboo. I initially wanted to find more TV shows but I had no luck.

I was on YouTube checking my watch later and that’s where I started watching Grace F. Victory. That’s when I noticed all the videos she makes and how encouraging she is to all women everywhere and how she is so fine with embracing all of who she is. He mental health, her body, her past, everything. She shares everything and watching her videos make me feel so comfortable with being myself. She makes me want to keep creating and being my authentic self.

Here’s her YouTube channel:
Her Instagram:
The link to her book:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.30.13 PM.png
Next, I wanted to know what is something out there that’s like the magazine in The Bold Type? What is out there to inspire us to be ourselves fully and will give us tips and tricks? Then I remembered that I stay looking at the news tabs on Snapchat and that’s where I saw Refinery 29. They also have a website and everything about them is amazing. They have tips and advice for everything. It’s so comfortable and girls and totally empowering.
Check them out on snapchat! I read it from there every day.
And their site!:
I am a huge lover of books so of course, I looked to those beauties. The first book I thought of was Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. She is a fucking kick-ass assassin who falls in love and reads books. She gets her period. She’ll murder you in your bed and she loves kids and animals. Just…. what more can you ask for? I absolutely love this book series. I love Sarah J. Maas as an author. Celaena Sardothien is a fucking badass woman!
It’s on Goodreads
And Amazon
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.24.48 PM.png

And for music, SZA is my love and she loves women and her music makes me feel so chill and zen about me and my life. Her music makes me feel safe to feel things and express myself and to know my worth. I have a huge girl crush on her.


That’s all folks! If ya’ll haven’t noticed the pattern, posts are made every Monday or Tuesday and Friday.


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