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I started writing this summer because I’ve gotten to a point where the depression and anxiety that I had started to make me worried. I was so worried about what I’d do or feel and so, I started writing. Writing here has made me so positive and feel so free.

Now that I’m going back to school in less than a week, I realized that I might fall back into only habits or feelings. I started looking into ways to keep my energy positive.

I am a very spiritual person. I’m all about meditative practices, being one with the environment, trusting in the universe. All that Jazz. So, it wasn’t much of a stretch when I decided to look into Crystals and Herbs. If I’m completely honest, this all stemmed from me rewatching Charmed on Netflix and getting curious about being a witch. There, I learned about the benefits that certain crystals and herbs had and how they can alter your energy.

I started buying some crystals on my own. These are them and the benefits:

Bloodstone: Courage, survival, adaptability, release blockages, renewal, strength, victory, intuitive decision making, banishing, abundance, invisibility.
Healing lore: Intense healing, emotional trauma, anemia, blood diseases, blood pressure, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, renal system, genitourinary system, physical trauma, post-surgical recovery.

Citrine: Success, intuition, comfort, creativity, physical energy, wealth, mental awakening, clarity, protection, good fortune/luck, decrease nightmares, remove toxins.
Healing lore: Depression, mood swings, trauma, digestion, sleep disturbances, thyroid, general health, heart, kidney, liver, muscles, strength, endocrine system, circulatory system, tissue regeneration, genitourinary system, immune system, fibromyalgia, addictions, OCD.

Rose Quartz: Love of all kinds including self-love, protection during pregnancy and childbirth, peace, happiness, gentleness.
Healing lore: Emotional wounds, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, fertility, headaches, renal disease, migraines, sexual dysfunction, sinus problems, throat problems, depression, addictions, ear aches, slows signs of aging in general, reduces wrinkles, spleen problems, fibromyalgia, and reaching one’s ideal weight/weight loss.

Tiger’s Eye: Self-discipline, practicality, protection, grounding, peace, clarity, intelligence, intuition & psychic powers, new experiences, financial stability, calmness, releasing inhibitions, integrity, willpower, prosperity, personal power.
Healing lore: Heal wounds/bruises, digestion, stomach problems, eyesight, night vision, pain relief, alcoholism, reproductive system.

Now, these are what I want.

Amethyst: Addiction of all kinds; Stability, peace, calm, balance, courage, and inner strength. Protection against psychic attacks. Stimulates telepathy and psychic abilities; good for meditation and dreamwork, past life work, or to help visualize your life path. Ease pain and grief/bring upon happiness. Beneficial for legal problems and money issues/leads to prosperity and abundance. Protection for travelers.
Healing lore: Addictions, alcoholism, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, circulatory system, endocrine system, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune system deficiencies, asthma, migraines, phobias, pregnancy/preventing miscarriage, menopause, PMS, and general healing.

Azurite: “Stone of Heaven”, intuition, dreams, healing, insight, stilling the mind, concentration, self-transformation, meditation, control energy.
Healing lore: Prevent cancer, liver, arthritis, joints, depression, sinuses, and skin problems.

Garnet: Remove negativity, romantic love, passion, sensuality, intimacy, career success, self-confidence, protection from evil, awareness, commitment, regeneration, order, insight.
Healing lore: General health, cellular regeneration, blood disorders, cardiovascular system, respiratory system.

Jade: Fidelity, dreams, the realization of potential, peace, accord, resourcefulness, accomplishment, emotional balance, protection.
Healing lore: Cardiovascular system, renal system, general illness.

Jasper (All Types): Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness, relaxation, tranquility, wholeness, astral travel, Yin/Yang.
Healing lore: Hepatic system, digestive system, gallbladder.

Lapis Lazuli: Manifestation, wisdom, truthfulness, openness, communication, inner power, intuition, spiritual evolution, virility, self-confidence, objectivity, dreams, purity, serenity, guardian spirits, love & fidelity within marriage, protection.
Healing lore: Sinus ailments, insomnia, depression, recurring fevers, vision, hearing impairment, throat, lungs, immune system.

Moonstone: Introspection, reflection, beginnings, insight, tenderness, harmony, peace, travel, intuition, psychic abilities, protection (especially during pregnancy, childbirth, travel at sea), substitute for a pearl in crystal healing.
Healing lore: Pituitary gland, digestive system, obesity, water retention, edema, hormonal problems, menstrual problems.

Onyx: Self-control, decision making, conquer challenges, intuition, recognition of personal strengths, grounding, banishing, and protection.
Healing lore: Stamina, childbirth, wound healing.

I found this blog with a list and got carried away. I found pretty much all of my info on Tumblr.

I found that I can buy them on but since I haven’t received any as of yet, I won’t say it’s a credible source. I actually read that it wasn’t but I want to test it myself.

I’ve been gardening indoors for a year now and I was surprised to find that some herbs had beneficial qualities to my environment and my energy. These are what I have and their benefits.

Basil: Banishing Negativity, Spell Breaking, Protection, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Success, Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Wishes, Strength, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Fidelity, Fertility, Truth, Honesty, Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Positivity, Balance, Fire

Lavender: Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Sleep, Dreams, Protection, Purification, Luck, Money, Concentration, Memory, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Chastity, Virility, Fertility, Peace, Harmony, Relaxation, Healing/Health, Alleviate Depression, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief, Happiness, Positivity, Balance, Air, Longevity

Rosemary: Banishing Negativity, Wisdom, Knowledge, Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Sleep, Dreams, Nightmare Protection, Protection, Cleansing, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Wish, Inspiration, Strength, Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Memory, Beauty, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Fidelity, Honesty, Truth, Peace, Harmony, Meditation, Healing/Health, Alleviate Depression, Air, Legal Issues, Longevity

Spearmint:  Sleep, Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, Remembering Dreams, Nightmare Protection, Protection, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Success, Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Wishes, Strength, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Healing/Health, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief, Happiness, Positivity, Air, Animals, Travel

I want:
Sage (not necessarily white sage): Wisdom, Knowledge, Protection, Psychic Protection, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Wealth, Prosperity, Wishes, Inspiration, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Weddings/Marriage/Handfasting, Peace, Harmony, Meditation, Healing/Health, Air, Longevity

Chamomile: Sleep, Dreams, Nightmare Protection, Protection, Purification, Luck, Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Beauty, Love, Romance, Peace, Harmony, Meditation, Relaxation, Healing/Health, Alleviate Depression, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief, Water

I’ve been learning about the elements and just all things and aspects to this “witchy” business. I’m so fascinated. We don’t judge here so don’t judge. I just want to find a way to keep mine out of those dark places that I tend to get into.

I noticed that I’ve been drawn to water, all aspects of water. Meaning the water signs. I subconsciously enjoy the thing that has to do with water signs and I’m trying to figure out why. I am a Capricorn which means that I am an earth sign and I’m thinking it’s because I want to be easier going. To go with the flow instead of being stone still. Contemplating the world instead of just living in it. I think out everything before I actually do it. I want to be able to just do things that I enjoy.

Anyway, super long post with loads of info so I’ll just chill. If you’re interested, ask away or do some research yourself.

See ya next week!

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