College Masterpost, y’all

Here are discounts and tips and tricks with going to school whether it’s your first time or you’re returning.

Places you can go and shop and get college discounts:
Unidays shows you most places that have these discounts. There’s also an app.

I’m only naming a few but unidays will show them all.

Bed, Bath and Beyond
Urban Outfitters
Apple Music
BH Cosmetics
Doc Martens
Glasses USA
Best Buy

Time for a shit ton of websites!:

Okay, now. WORK ON CAMPUS… if you can. it’s obviously more convenient and I know for me, it’s cheaper because if my school’s bus fucks up, my no license ass will need to order a lift or uber which is 20 bucks! Or, invest in your license and get a zip car.

Join the club with like-minded people. Whether you like the club or not, you might meet people. I am now the Co-President of Cheese Club on campus and I’m so excited! I also want to join more clubs with my fellow black students.

If you need help with your writing or math… whatever. The school has resources. Just go, I was too stubborn to go to them and Ummm… it reflected in my grades. Just do it. Look into all that the school has because it’s so helpful.

We have a doctor who does gynecological exams. I got my first pap smear in college! And it helps me get rid of the colds that I always get year round.

I also have therapy on campus and groups that can help and support students during the semester. Look into these things because it’s so helpful.

Try and find a place that you can baby yourself because in a dorm with a bunch of people around you, it can be stressful to try and find it. My place is the cages in the basement of the library. It’s a small room that’s “soundproof” I sit by myself, do homework or just watch Netflix by myself. It’s so nice.

Take some time off campus with your friends to get real food. You NEED to try and fit in some #TreatYoSelf days. It can get exhausting being on campus all the time with shitty food. Even a quick chipotle can help you out. Sometimes, my friends and I would go to PF Chang during happy hour to get some food for cheap. Maybe use those student discounts and take yourself shopping. Budgeted of course. I’m not telling you to spend hundreds. Just a ten or a twenty. It gets stressful.

Speaking of stress, if you can, take a bath, light a candle, get a nice smelling lotion, use a shower melt with some calming smell. Be more mindful of the things you do and your self-care. Push aside what you need to study for and focus on your health. Easier said than done. I want to try and take my own advice.

College is supposed to be fun and stressful and a whole experience. Make sure you allow yourself some chill. My friends and I have nights during finals or midterms where we sit together and study. We’d sip wine or eat snacks and chat during our study breaks. I swear those nights are the most memorable. Being deliriously tired and enjoying each other’s company.

Oh! and for foods for cheap, BRANDLESS. Everything is $3.

Have any advice? There’s them comments!

Ha! Omg. The next post y’all see, I’ll be at school. OMG. The schedule may change and if it does. I’ll let you know. I need to make sure this blog doesn’t stress me out. Nah, mean!


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