Pointers From My First Week Back

This post will be randomly updated as the week goes on. I updated the blog to be a bit more Autumnal. I wore a sweater and a denim jacket for my first day. Guess who was sweating and super excited for Autumn!

Monday Tips:

Talking/complaining to people without mental health issues is horrible. Every situation you express to them, they act as if it’s no problem at all. I hate working in groups because I feel like I need to organize people. My non-anxious friends are so fine with going with the flow and I’m not. I need things to go how I need them or it’ll be some stupidity with my name on it. I get anxious in moments that I express with my non-anxious and they are just so fucking easy-going. It’s the worst.

Being a Lit major and getting free audiobooks is a fucking amazing. I have so many books that I need to finish. Thank goodness I have the Overdrive app! I wrote a post if you’re confused.

So far, I have no class that I can use my laptop. I like to use it on days that I’m too tired to focus so that I can write or google stuff. I asked all of my teachers if I can crochet in my class. That way I’d have things to do with my hands and maybe I can fucking focus.

Tuesday Tips:

When you’re grouped with a bunch of stupid boys to spot you during your weight training class, just make fun of them to the female TA at the end of the session. There was this one freshman that kept showing off by doing “push-ups” his posture was so bad.

Go to sleep early so that you can actually get up early for the club fair (I went to bed at like 1:30) I overslept.

Wednesday Tips:

Don’t skip meals because it’s hot and exciting. You may be on the verge of fainting

Don’t underestimate the power of Cheese Club. It’s a club that gives free food… we have like over 100 members now. We all got drunk and typed up all the new recruits. We are now finished and yelling at our screens about racism and the others mispronouncing of the word gif. It is a GIF. Like if you add a “t” its Gift so why would it be jif without it?

I looked super hot fire today. My new thing is actually dressing up to make myself feel good and get me a date. All of my friends are seeing the dude that I have an eye on but not me!

SZA is my queen and my aesthetic.

My Science Fiction class that I was super excited about was incredibly boring. The teacher kept talking about pure nonsense I wanted to leave, right then, immediately. I can’t even be on my computer and ignore everything.

Thursday Tips:

Try to actually remember which classes need printed copies so that you don’t need to get up early and print them. Also… I am over this week. It is long and I WANT MY LONG WEEKEND!

Friday Tips:

Take it easy. You can’t control everything and everyone. People make their own choices. Speaking to people about your concerns is the best way to handle the situation.

Just take your time and do your homework.

Sorry, this is late. Yesterday was A LOT.

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