Sappy. It’s just sappy.

Hello, I am being sappy. Blame it on my hormones. I always get to a point where I crave intimacy. I just want cuddles and mutual understanding with someone. I want a relationship. I want that mutual shit. Okay, that’s it. I just want that.

Now, onto homework, I do not want to do any but I have finished two out of four. Most are due tonight at 8. I seriously don’t want to but I will.

I want money to buy sweaters. I didn’t bring any sweaters to school only for it to be sweater weather once I get here. I’m really hoping that my sister buys me a ticket home next week so that I can get my cozy, cute clothes. I’m really considering buying a big ass man sweater until I bring back my mother load of sweaters.

I want cuddles and kisses in warm clothes. Ugh. My mind is so distracted by these thoughts.

Anyway, happy Labor Day! See ya Friday!

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