Guess who’s going back home today?

Hey, I’m already gonna make my way back home, my sister was kind enough to offer to buy me a ticket. I am so excited to hold my sweet nephew and see my mom and sisters and dad. My little pup Mocha. I miss my family. I also need to pick up a few sweaters before it gets super chilly.

I’ve been sick for like a week. My asthma and allergies combined destroy me when the seasons change, upper respiratory cold. I ate chicken twice since I’ve been at school and I promised I wouldn’t. One was chicken soup because I was sick and the other was because I was so hungry, I felt high (off painkillers and cold meds) and Alex made enough for two so she gave me a plate.

Being a lit major is exciting and hard and I’m so tired. Figuring out how to manage my time and energy. Friends, family, going to class/homework, managing cheese club, blogs. Although, blogs are nice. It’s my little outlet.

As I write this, I feel so fucking nauseous. I have one more class for the day and then I have cheese club two hours after, our very first for the year. I’m very excited and kinda nervous. Managing a club is like a business and it’s so stressful. *written on Thursday*

The first Cheese Club meeting was awesome. I was super anxious though. My friends supported me by talking more and my roommate came and gave me support. I was so anxious for the whole day.

Don’t tell my mom but I might skip my first class today. It’s my gym class and I’ve been sick all week, as I said earlier, I’m so tired and I ran the other day and I hurt my knee somehow. I spent yesterday totally drugged up with two painkillers and these drugs to stop all my mucus.

Before I go, Hurricane Irma past over my sister’s home in Tortola. We heard that she lost power but that was all. We hoped to hear from her but we didn’t;t for a long while. We called her friends and looked for some kind of outreach and today we finally contacted her. I’m so happy she’s okay. Tortola was really destroyed and there is no way off the island. I’d appreciate if you keep her in your prayers.

Thank you and I’ll be posting on Monday.

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