The Lazy Weekend

Ugh! Okay. I had an amazingly lazy weekend AND I got all my homework done. I’ve also been killing the crochet game. The “Ugh” at the beginning is just because I am so fucking tired of being fucking broke. Excuse my curses but seriously. I need to start making my own money. I need to be able to go shopping for Autumn and Winter. I am so in love with fashion, skin care and hair care. I just want to buy nice things. I want to spend money. I want to buy my nerdy Harry Potter shit and I want to buy birthday and Christmas gifts for the people I love. I want to go on vacation, get new camera equipment. I want to grow and I can grow while broke but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for such a long time. I want to grow and be able to buy my own dumb shit. Also, ya girl needs groceries and textbooks. Oh yea, and to actually pay for college.

I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s the universe telling me that I need to become my own boss. That I need to actually put my life and income into my own hands. I just really want to find the steps to get to where I want to go.

I want to spend my week researching. I’ve been tired, hot and crampy but I really want to get things going. I know that I will. This is my end of the year goal. To start making money from my blog and keep working on being my own boss.

But end of the weekend updates. Loud fireworks scared me and my roommates so badly that now we all get super anxious at every sound of airplanes. (We thought the fireworks were a plane crash or some kind of explosion) and my glasses are turning green! Don’t get glasses from urban outfitters then put in your expensive lenses in them! Lesson learned!

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