I spent my entire weekend in bed.

Hello, all.

My Monday is so tiring and I had a weekend just sleeping and wake up Monday exhausted. I want to make a post because I refuse to skip a day without an actual excuse.

I spent all day having vivid daydreams about having a family. Like growing up and being married and having children. I had three children and they were so cute. I am tired of being broke. I am so over this. Can we just pray that somewhere I applied to hires me. I need some fucking money. I want to buy things and I’m tired of begging my parents for money. I want to buy nice things! I want to treat myself so simple things. New clothes, bags, shoes, books, food. Damn. I am so tired of this bullshit. I am so willing to go out my way to work. I’m willing to work hard and be exhausted. I’m just tired of where I am now. I want money and a damn love life. I want to drive and to travel. I really want to have my things in order. I feel so ready. Now it’s just a matter of leaving things up to the universe. It’s not for a lack of trying on my part.

That being said, if you know someone who wants to hire someone and is near my school. Or if they’re willing to do a long distance job. I put my PayPal in my About Me, if you want to donate, feel free. Here is a link: PayPal.Me/DjenneG

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