It’s all about that energy

Hello, cuties!

Does anyone remember that post when I talked about witchy stuff? All that beautiful information has now brought me into thoroughly believing in my self and my magic!


Let me explain, so say I’m having an exhausting day and I want nothing more than for things to go smoothly when I need to go into town. I try and keep a positive mindset, I think and hope that the bus won’t be delayed and when I buy things, I’d find a surprise discount on one of my favorite things.  Surprisingly, it actually happened. I got my cranberry juice and my milk at a discount and I got to come back to my apartment and rest for the night.

What I’m saying is that I’ve been finding power in keeping a positive mindset and positive energy. Knowing that keeping my energy positive will allow me to have a more positive day. I think it’s also powerful to keep in mind that even the biggest dreams can happen.

I think it’s something to practice. I want to get more money to buy nice things for myself. When applying for jobs, I think positively and let what needs to happen to happen. It’s that one with the universe mumbo jumbo. It’s being in alignment with things around you. Knowing that what’s best for you may not be what you want and still accepting.

I’m loving it and I wanted to share that with you all. I hope you enjoyed.

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