My good week!


I feel like my Friday post was hella positive and that positivity totally spread in increments throughout the weekend. On Friday, I am proud to say I got the job. It’s at a  Cheese Company in Connecticut that Cheese Club gets cheese from. If you didn’t know, I co-run the Cheese Club at my college at SUNY Purchase. The people there seem so cool and the environment is relaxing. It’s far, it wouldn’t be if I drove but since I don’t, its like two hours away.

My first practice day was dope, as I was saying. I bought myself a $5 bottle of wine and a burrito form an authentic Mexican place nearby. SO YUMMY! I knew that when I got back to school, Veronica from the organization I’m apart of, called JAIA, was going to stop by to do a quick interview. When I went out to the parking lot to let her in, I was surprised by my best friend! I’ve missed her so much and I am so thankful for the surprise. After the interview, she got to stay at my school for a bit and I got to get her into the weird drama of my school. I had so much fun being with her and adoring her. Turns out she’s one of my soul mates.

I feel like we have multiple soulmates within our lives. All important, only a few will stay with you through your life.

Anyway, that night, Veronica stopped by Trader Joe’s and got me some seafood. This weekend had made me want to fully go back to being pescatarian. My issue is that I get cramps all the time and sometimes when it’s bad, I crave meat and I let myself eat it. Then regret it because it makes me sick or gives me even worse cramps. It’s a horrible system but now, that I will be having money in my fucking account. I can eat properly, no coffee, more fruits, and veggies. The good stuff!

Saturday, I was able to go to a parade with a few friends and I saw so many people dressed up in amazing costumes. I was tired but I enjoyed myself. The kiddies looked so adorable and then I spent the rest of my night and most of Sunday watching Stranger Things… Which was so fucking good! I finished my homework and plan on finishing two of my essays today. This week will be busy so I really need to get them done today.

This morning, I got a call from freaking Barnes and Noble offering me a position. I have been wanting to work there since I was 16. I love books and that environment. I want discounted books and food! Now I need to decide which place I’d like to work. One is farther and probably pays more and one is so close, travel there is totally free. It’s something for me to think about. I’m so happy I have the choice though. That makes me feel so good!

I feel so good because now I know I have the opportunity to make my own money and with my own money comes to my own choices. It’s a new responsibility. I know that the first few things that I want to do are, buy my mom a dope ass birthday and Christmas gift. Treat myself to some jewelry. I really love jewelry. I think I want to buy myself a ring. I am 100% getting the iPhone 8 plus. Then, to be responsible, I’ll be paying off my bills, slowly, so I can still have some “treat yo self” money. I really want to invest in myself and creating my own business. That’s what I intend on doing. Working hard so that I can work for myself. I am so excited to start this trip. I will be remaining positive and enjoying life and what it has to offer. I am so hype!

Thanks for reading!

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