Friday, November 3rd.


The traveling blog! That’s what this is. I’m starting today’s post on my way to work this morning. Mostly because I want to complain. Lol. The bus that takes me to the bus that takes me to work, (confusing, I know) just fucking left me. I have work in an hour. There is no way I can get to work via public transportation at this time so, I need to spend $15 on an Uber.

I’ve been debating whether or not this fun and loving work environment is worth this stress. What if I made money at some boring workplace just to make ends meet. I’m still in a state of limbo where I’m not sure what choice to make. A boring work environment that’s close and pays less or an energetic and welcoming environment that’s hella far and pays more, though money will be going into traveling and the other place is free to travel. Maybe if I hate my job, I can focus on blogging and vlogging. That internet lifestyle. I have a huge dislike for making choices. I think I should talk to my mentor.

Today’s blog is gonna really be a stream of consciousness throughout my day.

I feel like I’m some peak of something. I feel good about my choices though there is a huge part of me that’s just praying that I can create an income for myself already. Instead of working at other places. I know it takes time though.

Jazmine Sullivan is keeping me company on this morning. I really love her music. I especially love singing it but I couldn’t wake my roommates.

I hate being broke. After paying for this uber, how am I getting to work tomorrow morning? How am I getting back to Brooklyn after work tomorrow? I just need an extra $30 in my account. I wish more than anything that I can get paid today! This is hard. Fast Forward to tonight. I just finished writing this post and WordPress deleted the entire thing.I’m going to be tonight feeling satisfied because though I hardly ate all day, I was able to make myself a nice dinner, had a vodka cranberry. Took a bath and had a cookie and brownie. I had a nice fun time with my roommates and even though our apartment was flooded all day. It was sorted by the time I got home. There was some leaky pipe in our apartment and now things are better. My longest friend gave me $30 for transportation and I was able to talk to my mentor who helped me out in making a decision on which job to pick. My mentor is Gena, the founder is JAIA YOUth Empowerment. Its help me so much these past few years.

Anyways… I need to sleep. I’m happy to think that this time next week, I will be able to afford to buy all that I’ve been wanting to buy and pay my bestie back!

Night, y’all!

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