The shitty parts of adulting

Howdy doodle!

Let me tell you about being a grown-up, the shitty parts. Obviously, besides bills and shit, how horrible is it to quit a job! I hope you all remember that a few weeks ago I was offered two jobs. I really started leaning towards one job (job A) because it was closer. Job B was far and I needed to take ubers damn near every day just to get to work on time. The amount of ubers needed was half my freaking paycheck. I finally realized that I needed to quit.

I went around asking my siblings and friends how to actually quite a job. Everyone told me that the way to quit a job is sending in my two weeks resignation. The difficulty in that is that I needed to squeeze in a class, two fucking jobs that schedule me on the same days and doing all my homework. AND actually trying to sleep! I was so sleep deprived just from only having job B. How am I possibly going to have two???

Finally, after an entire week of stress, I decided to go with what I need to do for myself at this moment and I quickly sent out a resignation email (which I was told NOT to do). The stress of having both jobs and squeezing in all that I needed to do, I felt like I overdid it and so I needed to forcibly quit. I know it was not the right thing, according to everyone around me but I just needed to do this for me and my peace of mind. Plus, my mommy said that I could so, who cares about everyone else. I hope that the email is taken in a nice way but seriously, I’m letting it go.

At least I said something, my sister used to quit by just not showing up to work.

On another note, today, I bought myself the iPhone 8 plus AND Sims 4 Cats and Dogs. I am so excited to play and I plan on spending most of my night playing before I go to bed. I have an early start for my new job tomorrow and I am excited. Job A seems like it’ll be a new experience, something that I need to take my time and learn from and I am excited.

This was a huge learning experience for me and it was super stressful. I am just praying that soon I will be able to work for myself. I can’ quit or get fired form myself. It might as well just be my game plan.

Goodnight, y’all!

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