Hey, so Friday’s post is late because I’ve been having some difficulties when it comes to being creative. I feel like when I posted things during the summer, I was so into blogging and I was so inspired about new blog posts and I knew exactly what to write and what to post. Lately, I feel like all I’m doing is creating a stream of conscious posts and they are nice to have but I would like to also create posts with meaning, substantial things. Nah, mean?

It’s been hard for me to create posts that I’d like because there is so much going on lately. I want to get back to that place where I could sit down in a calm environment, write my posts with a cup of tea and just relax.

I don’t feel inspired, I’m trying to create posts for Christmas and I have ideas for next year… when it comes to making videos… but blogging, my faves. Creating the posts were pretty difficult. Too much on my mind.

Anyways when I’m home at Thanksgiving, I want to have some time to sit down and plan. I know I’ll be able to plan things during the holiday season, I can’t wait for the holidays.

I feel like I’m rambling, the point is, I fell like my creativity is draining and I am excited to go home and create and have fun. I really miss being in the city. There is so much to see and explore every day, so many new faces. I am eager to get back.

That’s it, peace out!

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