Drunk poem at 12:45am

my foolish heart fell for him

she felt that deep urge for him
wanted more than mediocre.
wanted to get that dream of being more than a solo person
to become a team with someone
my foolish heart looked at him
reach for him
wanted him
looked through all the hardships and the hurt
look through the broken I felt and broken I saw
my foolish heart stretched through the dark wanting to be more
wanting to see more
needing to be more to you
to be your muse
your joy
your excitement
like I feel for you
wanting moment shared between us
hot coco in the cold
cuddles in bed
wanting to be with you in moments of calm
I want you.
I want to lay up under you
I want to breathe you in
I want to understand every moment of your being
I want to share
I want to shed even piece of me
In being this open with you
that vulnerable place that I’ve never been before
not knowing how to be open
You, being too open
being in a  place where you don’t want me with you
being in a place where you don’t want me
you don’t want me
I’m not wanted
you don’t yearn for me as I do for you
do you breathe in me as I do you?
that love, that you don’t want.
you don’t want me.

My Foolish Heart by Jazmine Sullivan


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