Going beyond your limits

Hello, I am writing to you in the absolute dark of my dorm room because I am basking in my solitude today.

I’ve spent the last week wondering what kind of blog I should write up and I’ve been completely stumped. I refuse to have one more week of not posting so I’ll just let you know what’s been going on.

I told you all about my anxieties, I’ve been hoping that it would calm down after having one of my biggest stressors gone but then I noticed the anxieties I felt in class. That’s when I knew it’s something to focus on. I don’t want to yap about anxiety. I do just want to say that I’ve dealt with so much on my plate and I’ve just received so much more.

With all that is going on, I do want to express my victories.

I use grounding objects, my 4 crystals, two rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine. I carry them with me always so that I know I can focus on what is around me because of the positive energies in my pocket. It’s a comfort and easy to play with.

I’ve been doing yoga and meditation/breathing techniques to get my body calm in situations.

I’ve been transparent with my friends and teachers instead of holding all of my negativity within myself.

I’ve cried. This may not be big for many people but I am not a crier at all and boy did I have a great ol’ sob with my roommates. I woke up with a sore body and a puffy face.

I chose not to drown myself in my sorrows. I instead made sure I did my work and I’ve also been trying to put my energy into being creative. I spent most of my “stay in bed” day working on giving my YouTube channel a new look.

I’ve been trying to manage my negative thoughts and feelings. I know I get waves of jealousy when looking at other people’s success or lives and then I check in with myself and say “it’s just not your time yet.” Everything will come to you at the speed that is good for you.

I noticed how great my friends and family are and I acknowledge that not everyone can give me the care that is specific to me because they can only support me with what they can give. I just value those who can give me what I need and those who try to give me what they can. What else can I ask for?

I noticed how much I’d love to have a companion during this time and because of this, I’ve decided to get a dog after my trip to London.

I am proud of the growth that I am experiencing. I know that there is still more growth to come and I am ready for it. This is my year for growing and mastering. I will continue to understand myself and my needs and to give out the love and support that I get from others.

I hope you all enjoyed.

This week, I decided to invest in Audible because I want to properly own the Harry Potter audiobooks. When I get like this, they are a huge comfort.

I was also able to begin rereading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas who which is my second favorite book series. The writing is beautiful and it’s about a female assassin who loves to read, loves to love and has a puppy! Honestly, she is me if I were white, blonde, Fae, and an assassin. I love her so much. The final book in the series comes out this year and I am so shook.  I’m on the second book Crown of Midnight! HOW DARE IT END!

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