Autumn tag!! 🍂🎃

  1. wool or Knit sweaters?
    Sweaters of all kind, please.
  2. Store-bought pumpkins or buying pumpkins at the pumpkin patch?
    Pumpkin patch
  3. favorite fall song or any song that reminds you of fall?
    Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood for the aesthetic. lol
  4. exploring haunted houses or going to a Halloween party?
  5. whats your favorite fall book?
    I don’t have one. Anything magical or poetic.
  6. do you like pumpkin spice lattes?
    I like soy chai lattes with vanilla and pumpkin spice
  7. apple pie or pumpkin pie?
    apple pie
  8. what are your favorite flavored pumpkin spice treats?
  9. favorite fall / Halloween movie/show?
    Hilda (show on Netflix
  10. coffee or tea?
  11. what are you going to be this year for Halloween?
    in bed.
  12. haunted houses or haunted corn maze?
    corn maze
  13. Do you like apple cider?
    YES! new fave is with butterscotch schnapps and fireball… thanks, Rachel
  14. do you decorate for Halloween?
    not my thing
  15. favorite fall activity?
    being bundled up
  16. favorite fall candle?
    anything with vanilla
  17. staying in watching Halloween movies or going to a Halloween party?
  18. what are your plans for Halloween?
    staying in
  19. any plans for the month of October?
    writing 15 pages of my senior project and more writing for my novel so that I can join NaNoWriMo.
  20. black cats or bats?
  21. beanies or hats?
    hats. My fro is too much for beanies.
  22. do you get easily scared or do you do the scaring?
  23. do you like Halloween crafting?
    does crocheting count?

Autumn “This or That” Asks

Catching up on some posts with some “this or that”

  1. “Autumn” or “Fall?

    Autumn because it sounds posher.

  2. Pumpkin Carving or Apple Picking?

    Apple picking because it’s hella fun. Pumpkin Carving is fun too but I’ve done it once or twice before but apple picking is dope! I can’t wait to go with my roommates this Autumn.

  3. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving. DUH! There’s food, family, friends, and wine.

  4. Cashmere or Flannel?

    Cashmere is cozy as hell.

  5. Cool and Crisp or Warm and Foggy?

    Cool and Crisp! I can wear my cozy clothes!

  6. Yankee Candles or Roaring Fireplace?

    BOTH! I want both the candles and a roaring fire.

  7. Scarves or Berets?

    Scarves. Why the fuck do people wear Berets?

  8. Cinnamon or Nutmeg?

    Both, especially on a chai latte or a hot chocolate.

  9. Reading a Book or Watching a Movie?

    Both. I’m a huge book nerd and I love tv and movies.

  10. Halloweentown or Nightmare Before Christmas?

    Halloweentown is my childhood! Nightmare Before Christmas scared me as a kid.

  11. Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider?

    Hot chocolate more than apple cider. I drink a hot chocolate damn near any day but I do like apple cider.
  12. Wool Socks or Slippers?

    Both. That combo is amazing for cozy time!

  13. Trick or Treat?

    Trick ’em.

  14. Marshmallows or Whipped Cream?

    Whipped cream.

  15. Jack or Sally?


  16. Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark?


  17. Plaid or Neutrals?


  18. Coffee or Tea?


  19. Studyblr or Halloween Blog?

    Studyblr is my shit all year round.

  20. Red or Gold?


  21. Blankets or Pillows?


  22. Cabins or Cottages?


  23. Scary or Spoopy?


  24. Sweaters or Boots?


  25. Caramel Apples or Candy Apples?


  26. Hay Rides or Leaf Peeking?

    Both are fun as shit.

My Senior Project

Hey! I am sad today but at least I got paid and I mean PAID because I picked up an extra shift so… MORE MONEY!

I’m looking forward to going home this weekend. I’m trying to get my Senior Project done, I will refer to it as SP for the remainder of this post.

My senior project will be about the representation of black people in science fiction literature. I was going to write about people of color in general but it would be too grand. I’ve been discussing why black people aren’t too into sci-fi and I realized it would be far too intense to gather all the information for people of color in America.

The perk of writing this project is really about the many black female writers who are KILLING the game in sci-fi. Octavia E. Butler is a queen who was one of the first black science fiction writers.

I’m mostly talking about this because I really want to get up to ten pages of my project before I go home tomorrow but I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m really hoping I get my project done. This show is just pretty damn good!

I’m gonna get back to the show! Lol.

Friends: Adulting

Back at it again with a late night quickie! (yes, I know how it sounds)

Okay, so what I’m learning about friendships as adults is that people grow. I know it’s totally obvious that people will grow in friendships and relationships but what I’ve really been learning is how to still remain friends with people as you grow.

Relationships are never just black and white. There are difficulties and times where you won’t see eye to eye. It’s just important to remember which relationships are valuable to you and to work around your problems accordingly.

It’s okay to set up your boundaries and ground rules. If they’re your friend, they need to discuss, the reasons why its set up. Accept it and then move on. You can’t grow if everything in your life remains the same.

Growth and change have been such an exciting thing for me and I would love to have people around me who support and understand that. It’s always okay to talk about why you may have issues in your relationship just make sure that the language used makes them still feel valued and that you’re both being supportive and thinking about each other’s feelings.

Many people are scared to confront people they care about because they fear that any problems will make them go away. This happens to MANY people. I’ve been there too. What I’m learning is that it’s okay to voice problems and concerns. Just move forward after it.

Keep growing in your happy and healthy friendships.


**This is late because I’m in class and then I’m going grocery shopping (I bought tacos, yogurt, plantain, wine and soon I’ll be eating pie… yea, I’m kinda in my feelings)

Yo, COLLEGE IS STRESSFUL! Lol. I’ve spent my morning trying to catch up on all my work and my reading which was WILD. I got it done but I was shooooook. I did all my senior project work, without doing any of my perfected edits. Hopefully, I’ll do it tonight while wine drunk and pie-filled. I have no class tomorrow so this isn’t irresponsible, I promise.

One thing that I’m really learning is not to listen to other peoples opinions on my life. I feel like it’s damned me so many times listening to other people and feeling like their thoughts and feelings towards my situations are right. I’ve been pretty sad lately because I’ve noticed how many blessings I didn’t take because I chose to listen to other people. I’ve lost people and things that truly make me happy because I followed the advice of people who didn’t live my life or understand my situations. Now I need to live through my own consequences and hold myself accountable for following someone else’s advice instead of following my own intuition.

This blog will be short because I’m kinda stressed and in my feelings. I hope you enjoy. I’m gonna plan out blog posts for the future.


Howdy ho bucko (Let’s pretend I didn’t write that and move on)

I’m both excited and also terrified that I’m almost done with school. I feel like any senior feels the same.

I feel totally overwhelmed. I keep trying to get myself to chill and relax and just get my shit done without stress and without fuss but I feel like there is SO MUCH that needs to be done.

I have this one teacher who keeps piling on work and she expects us all to finish our senior project work while she gives us a fuck ton of reading.

I’m really trying to keep my cool and stay focused and get all this work done.

I have all these awesome goals and dreams for my future and I think it’s crazy that it’s right there. I can almost touch it. I just need to get through this semester. I graduate in May but for next semester, I will be staying home. I have three classes to finish, my senior project class (it’s not a physical class, just finishing my senior project with the help of a few teachers). I can do an internship for some credit and I hope beyond hope that I get it in a literary, writing/reading field. It would make me so damn happy! I can imagine myself working on my writing in a cafe in the city. Like I seriously cannot wait. Then I have one more class to take and I want to take a science class. I LOVE science with all my freaking heart. I want to write some dope ass sci/fi and I think it wouldn’t heart to learn a bit of science. I just need to see what kind of classes they have for next semester.

I’m kinda looking forward to the next adventure but I gotta finish off this semester super strong so that I could finish on a high note. lol

I’m gonna be hella responsible and get shit done.

Well, I’m gonna try my very best. I’ll be posting again tomorrow night! Look out!

Doctor Who Season 11 episode 1: quick review


I first want to chat about how hard it was getting the live stream like omg! I tried getting it 30 minutes before the episode started and 15 after it began. It doesn’t hold up very well.

I watched this episode twice while at work (I’m a student working in the library on a Sunday, there’s literally nothing to do but watch Doctor Who and do homework).

First off, the opening was awesome, I’m loving the number of characters of color, I’m so tired of watching shows with an insane amount of white characters as if the world only has white people, it was very refreshing.

I thought it was interesting to have a character who has bad coordination, I was really into the family dynamics, a boy, Ryan, with his grandmother, Grace, her new husband, Graham, an old friend from school Yasmin “Yaz”. WHAT A GANG! What a Fam! Lol

Okay, onto the doctor, Jodie is such an amazing doctor. The Doctor typically seems unfocused but focused. I always love the first episode after regeneration because they just seem so lost which makes the episode such a big adventure.

I also really loved that she couldn’t remember her name like you’re fighting an alien with teeth engrained into his face and being a total badass but can’t remember your name. She can solve the mysteries, build her own sonic (that was such a badass scene because typically the tardis gives them a sonic, I’m sure it was to show that woman can build and be engineers). She’s a powerful genius woman who cannot remember her name. The post-regeneration doctor is always the funniest.

I hate that the Grace died because there is a HUGE lack of black women on tv, especially as leads. I know that she wasn’t supposed to be in the series but it would’ve been nice. She was also super badass. I love her sense of adventure and I’m sorry to see her go.

I don’t have any complaints about this episode. I’m just upset that I have to wait a week for the next episode.

I think Jodie did an amazing job and I’m really happy that she’s the doctor. She’s super caring and apologizes for the horrors that the people around her faces. She went to the funeral for Grace. She’s just the dopest. I think it’s different from the others because Capaldi didn’t seem to give a shit about what happened to others.

Also, Ears pierced so badassery leveled up.

I’m starting up #blogtober so there will be a new post up tomorrow!