Doctor Who Season 11 episode 1: quick review


I first want to chat about how hard it was getting the live stream like omg! I tried getting it 30 minutes before the episode started and 15 after it began. It doesn’t hold up very well.

I watched this episode twice while at work (I’m a student working in the library on a Sunday, there’s literally nothing to do but watch Doctor Who and do homework).

First off, the opening was awesome, I’m loving the number of characters of color, I’m so tired of watching shows with an insane amount of white characters as if the world only has white people, it was very refreshing.

I thought it was interesting to have a character who has bad coordination, I was really into the family dynamics, a boy, Ryan, with his grandmother, Grace, her new husband, Graham, an old friend from school Yasmin “Yaz”. WHAT A GANG! What a Fam! Lol

Okay, onto the doctor, Jodie is such an amazing doctor. The Doctor typically seems unfocused but focused. I always love the first episode after regeneration because they just seem so lost which makes the episode such a big adventure.

I also really loved that she couldn’t remember her name like you’re fighting an alien with teeth engrained into his face and being a total badass but can’t remember your name. She can solve the mysteries, build her own sonic (that was such a badass scene because typically the tardis gives them a sonic, I’m sure it was to show that woman can build and be engineers). She’s a powerful genius woman who cannot remember her name. The post-regeneration doctor is always the funniest.

I hate that the Grace died because there is a HUGE lack of black women on tv, especially as leads. I know that she wasn’t supposed to be in the series but it would’ve been nice. She was also super badass. I love her sense of adventure and I’m sorry to see her go.

I don’t have any complaints about this episode. I’m just upset that I have to wait a week for the next episode.

I think Jodie did an amazing job and I’m really happy that she’s the doctor. She’s super caring and apologizes for the horrors that the people around her faces. She went to the funeral for Grace. She’s just the dopest. I think it’s different from the others because Capaldi didn’t seem to give a shit about what happened to others.

Also, Ears pierced so badassery leveled up.

I’m starting up #blogtober so there will be a new post up tomorrow!

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