Howdy ho bucko (Let’s pretend I didn’t write that and move on)

I’m both excited and also terrified that I’m almost done with school. I feel like any senior feels the same.

I feel totally overwhelmed. I keep trying to get myself to chill and relax and just get my shit done without stress and without fuss but I feel like there is SO MUCH that needs to be done.

I have this one teacher who keeps piling on work and she expects us all to finish our senior project work while she gives us a fuck ton of reading.

I’m really trying to keep my cool and stay focused and get all this work done.

I have all these awesome goals and dreams for my future and I think it’s crazy that it’s right there. I can almost touch it. I just need to get through this semester. I graduate in May but for next semester, I will be staying home. I have three classes to finish, my senior project class (it’s not a physical class, just finishing my senior project with the help of a few teachers). I can do an internship for some credit and I hope beyond hope that I get it in a literary, writing/reading field. It would make me so damn happy! I can imagine myself working on my writing in a cafe in the city. Like I seriously cannot wait. Then I have one more class to take and I want to take a science class. I LOVE science with all my freaking heart. I want to write some dope ass sci/fi and I think it wouldn’t heart to learn a bit of science. I just need to see what kind of classes they have for next semester.

I’m kinda looking forward to the next adventure but I gotta finish off this semester super strong so that I could finish on a high note. lol

I’m gonna be hella responsible and get shit done.

Well, I’m gonna try my very best. I’ll be posting again tomorrow night! Look out!

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