Friends: Adulting

Back at it again with a late night quickie! (yes, I know how it sounds)

Okay, so what I’m learning about friendships as adults is that people grow. I know it’s totally obvious that people will grow in friendships and relationships but what I’ve really been learning is how to still remain friends with people as you grow.

Relationships are never just black and white. There are difficulties and times where you won’t see eye to eye. It’s just important to remember which relationships are valuable to you and to work around your problems accordingly.

It’s okay to set up your boundaries and ground rules. If they’re your friend, they need to discuss, the reasons why its set up. Accept it and then move on. You can’t grow if everything in your life remains the same.

Growth and change have been such an exciting thing for me and I would love to have people around me who support and understand that. It’s always okay to talk about why you may have issues in your relationship just make sure that the language used makes them still feel valued and that you’re both being supportive and thinking about each other’s feelings.

Many people are scared to confront people they care about because they fear that any problems will make them go away. This happens to MANY people. I’ve been there too. What I’m learning is that it’s okay to voice problems and concerns. Just move forward after it.

Keep growing in your happy and healthy friendships.

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