Autumn “This or That” Asks

Catching up on some posts with some “this or that”

  1. “Autumn” or “Fall?

    Autumn because it sounds posher.

  2. Pumpkin Carving or Apple Picking?

    Apple picking because it’s hella fun. Pumpkin Carving is fun too but I’ve done it once or twice before but apple picking is dope! I can’t wait to go with my roommates this Autumn.

  3. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving. DUH! There’s food, family, friends, and wine.

  4. Cashmere or Flannel?

    Cashmere is cozy as hell.

  5. Cool and Crisp or Warm and Foggy?

    Cool and Crisp! I can wear my cozy clothes!

  6. Yankee Candles or Roaring Fireplace?

    BOTH! I want both the candles and a roaring fire.

  7. Scarves or Berets?

    Scarves. Why the fuck do people wear Berets?

  8. Cinnamon or Nutmeg?

    Both, especially on a chai latte or a hot chocolate.

  9. Reading a Book or Watching a Movie?

    Both. I’m a huge book nerd and I love tv and movies.

  10. Halloweentown or Nightmare Before Christmas?

    Halloweentown is my childhood! Nightmare Before Christmas scared me as a kid.

  11. Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider?

    Hot chocolate more than apple cider. I drink a hot chocolate damn near any day but I do like apple cider.
  12. Wool Socks or Slippers?

    Both. That combo is amazing for cozy time!

  13. Trick or Treat?

    Trick ’em.

  14. Marshmallows or Whipped Cream?

    Whipped cream.

  15. Jack or Sally?


  16. Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark?


  17. Plaid or Neutrals?


  18. Coffee or Tea?


  19. Studyblr or Halloween Blog?

    Studyblr is my shit all year round.

  20. Red or Gold?


  21. Blankets or Pillows?


  22. Cabins or Cottages?


  23. Scary or Spoopy?


  24. Sweaters or Boots?


  25. Caramel Apples or Candy Apples?


  26. Hay Rides or Leaf Peeking?

    Both are fun as shit.

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