Autumn tag!! 🍂🎃

  1. wool or Knit sweaters?
    Sweaters of all kind, please.
  2. Store-bought pumpkins or buying pumpkins at the pumpkin patch?
    Pumpkin patch
  3. favorite fall song or any song that reminds you of fall?
    Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood for the aesthetic. lol
  4. exploring haunted houses or going to a Halloween party?
  5. whats your favorite fall book?
    I don’t have one. Anything magical or poetic.
  6. do you like pumpkin spice lattes?
    I like soy chai lattes with vanilla and pumpkin spice
  7. apple pie or pumpkin pie?
    apple pie
  8. what are your favorite flavored pumpkin spice treats?
  9. favorite fall / Halloween movie/show?
    Hilda (show on Netflix
  10. coffee or tea?
  11. what are you going to be this year for Halloween?
    in bed.
  12. haunted houses or haunted corn maze?
    corn maze
  13. Do you like apple cider?
    YES! new fave is with butterscotch schnapps and fireball… thanks, Rachel
  14. do you decorate for Halloween?
    not my thing
  15. favorite fall activity?
    being bundled up
  16. favorite fall candle?
    anything with vanilla
  17. staying in watching Halloween movies or going to a Halloween party?
  18. what are your plans for Halloween?
    staying in
  19. any plans for the month of October?
    writing 15 pages of my senior project and more writing for my novel so that I can join NaNoWriMo.
  20. black cats or bats?
  21. beanies or hats?
    hats. My fro is too much for beanies.
  22. do you get easily scared or do you do the scaring?
  23. do you like Halloween crafting?
    does crocheting count?

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