Rosa Parks episode on Doctor Who

So, I really want to get into the new Doctor on Doctor Who because I love the idea that the future is female and I know that it is. Women are so amazing and we are breaking fucking ceilings!

My issues are that when having a  female doctor, the doctor being a man for centuries. How does she immediately become this whole weird feminist puppy with softy eyes? The changing development of each doctor makes some sort of sense, 11 got young and was all happy and adventurous after losing Rose. Then we get 12 who is old and angry because he had so many loses and he was quite tired.

I don’t like the depiction of the character. I feel like the writers could have done better because they warped her into a feminist instead of a damn person.

I don’t feel like there is really a feminist trope for strong female characters. Hear me out, okay? They group with other female characters and gather as feminine softies instead of just being people.

The doctor is going through time and space discovering more and more powerful woman and they’re fangirling and teaming up which is wasting the damn show. I feel like Doctor Who right now is just showing other strong women in different areas in time and space instead of just being hella geeked out. The other Doctors were able to explore time and space and had their own direct storylines but for 13, she doesn’t get that courtesy, women need to stand for women and that is that. It’s totally boring. Politics are super interesting and Doctor Who has put in social issues in the past and its what I love about this show but I don’t feel like that is being done for this season.

They did Rosa Parks so wrong, Doctor Who, being the show that it is, they could have done a better job with Rosa Parks.

First of all, the whole Rosa Parks thing was staged, the woman who actually did it was Claudette Colvin. She did it first and Rosa Parks reenacted it, go look it up!
(there are two links there btw). They could have revealed the actual story, the Claudette Colvin deserves a widely known story. Why didn’t they do their research? Look shit up.

Also, why are all the bad guys men? or at least that’s what I noticed.
Also, that man who got pregnant in episode 5, The Tsuranga Conundrum but didn’t want to keep his kid because he couldn’t handle it and needed men to be with him while he gave birth? Fucking boring! I just feel like the writers aren’t thinking big enough.

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