25 Days of Christmas- Day 3_ snow

I am doing a 25 days of Christmas using the characters from 32 Orchard Street.

Now these stories will most likely be unedited every time I post. They may be incredibly short or incredibly long and most likely grammatically incorrect. If you see something, feel free to say something or just read along.

This is my way of challenging myself to write. I am doing this for myself and I also wanted to share with you all because these characters are close to my heart. I am still finding their voices and how they are and I believe that in doing this challenge, I will find it. I am so excited about this and I hope you guys enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget! I am also doing vlogmas! Check my channel!



Today shall be short, for I forgot about it and I am exhausted. Prepare yourselves for a few sentences.

On this snowy night in, we lay here in bed hoping hoping nothing will change.

On this snowy night in, I look over and lean in closer to her, buoying the warmth of her skin touching mine.

On this snowy night in…waves of her frat reach my nose and I promptly kick her off.

There is no amount of love that can withstand a fart from a vegan that was fed a nondairy meal. I can smell the dead animals from her farts.

Cute snowy night in is done.

Until she calls me back laugh and apologizing and the smile of Shay brings me back to the bed. That we’ve been sharing. For hours. Just watching the Harry Potter movies from the start.

We return to bed. Candles freshly lit. Now we relax once more.

Shay and Diane.

The dynamic duo.

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