two garbage bags, a backpack and a long board| 32 Orchard Street


“I hope you haven’t been waiting too long.” Luna said when she  arrived at the house an hour after she was called. She would have come sooner but she was laying in the park nearby and watching the stars and ‘connecting with her inner self’. She came in and went straight to Calle. She was already sloppy drunk and emotional so she hopped into her girlfriends arms and refused to get down, “for you, my dear, I could wait centuries.”

“Babe, I need you  to get down. We have to go help Shay move.”

“But you just got here!” Calle protested, holding Luna tighter and giving her more kisses.

Shay walked over and bit and pinched Calle until she let go then forcibly dragged her to the car.

“Did you at least pack some food for me?” Luna flipped her hair and pouted. Diane sighed dramatically and magicked the food she’d set aside for Luna and a fork into her hands and headed to the car, Luna giggled and followed after.

On their way to Shay’s apartment, Calle fell asleep and stayed asleep until they returned home with all of Shay’s things. She’d only signed a two month lease and her decision to move out a week earlier.

Her now former roommate was happy to help pack and organise her things. They’d already packed the items in the common area when they arrived. Shay didn’t have much so the trip was pretty easy. They stopped for some late night pizza on their way back.

 By two in the morning, they were all wrapped up in each other’s limbs on the couch, stuffed and trying to finish one more episode of the flash. Shay had already fallen asleep on Luna’s lap and soon they all followed.

The following morning, Diane woke to the sounds of Calle and Luna in the kitchen. The living room was a mess from last night and Diane decided that now would be a good time to use a quick tidy up spell, hoping that Shay would not wake up in the middle of it. Diane spent years hiding the witch part of herself from Shay because she was terrified to lose her. The longer she kept it from her, the more she knew it would end badly but she just couldn’t. Calle made the other witches in their life promise not to tell Shay or Leo until she was ready. That was five years ago, she wasn’t sure how long she could make this last. 

When she finished, she saw Shay still sleeping peacefully on the couch so she went and followed the smell of coffee. 

Half an hour later the breakfast cinnamon rolls and beyond sausage were ready. Calle was in charge of waking up Shay for breakfast today. From the kitchen, they heard a loud thud followed by an angry scream. They giggled into their cups of coffee. Calle ran into the kitchen with an angry Shay storming after. “WHO THE FUCK FUCKING DROPS ON SOMEONE WHILE THEY SLEEP!?!? CALLE! GET OVER HERE!”

“Well, you never wake up when I try and do it nicely. I figured I’d spice things up! Stop chasing me and have a cinnamon roll!” Calle was so gracefully dodging out of Calle’s grasp. She had a feeling she was using some of her power to avoid being pummelled. Diane and Luna refused to interfere so they ate while the two of them ran around the house. 

Calle’s phone buzzed and Luna answered, “Leo said they were ready to get picked up! Come on, I’ll pack breakfast while everyone gets dressed. Calle, please let Shay hit you so we can move on.”

They heard a loud and dramatic sigh before an “OW!”

“You guys have five minutes!”

Leo woke that morning excited to leave. They spent so many years making sure their parents did not kill themselves in the night. It was only until recently –until they were the only one doing the caring that they realized that their life comes first. Their parents have already made their choices. Now it’s time they make choices of their own.

They’ve missed so many important events, dances, interviews. Hell, they are going to the worst public school only because they have more understanding policies. If they need to come to school two hours late for a week, their dream school, the school with the greatest programs and people who are more than willing to use their pronouns, need attendance. It wasn’t enough that they had amazing grades when they couldn’t even attend most of the interviews.

In the end, their parents wanted nothing more for Leo to leave the house. if it were fully up to their parents, Leo would have been out of the house when Shay left.

In the eyes of their parents, Leo was nothing but a burden and Leo was looking forward to feeling loved and appreciated.

Picking up Leo was quicker than they expected. They’d thought they’d spend the hour Leo’s parents were gone rushing to get their things in the car but Leo stood outside the building with two garbage bags, a backpack and a longboard in their arms.

They arrived back home and spent the day eating pizza and having a Marvel movie marathon. Leo didn’t want to unpack just yet and they all followed their lead and spent the day relaxing and giving them love.

By 2am, Leo was knocked out on the couch and Calle and Luna were finding a room to fall asleep in. Shay and Diane turned on “Blink”, their favorite Doctor Who Episode. It was their favorite thing to watch to help them sleep and they both agreed to stay downstairs and sleep there with Leo.

Calle was up and moving before the sun came up. She made her way down the hall and into the kitchen. Moonlight crept in from the open windows giving her enough light to see as she chopped onions and herbs for omelets and made some batter for waffles.

A slight breeze comes in moving her curly, pink shoulder-length hair. She reaches down for the two hair clips on her shirt and uses them to move back her hair then begins prepping their morning feast. Her tattoo on her forearm of a sunflower gleams in the moonlight. If anyone were around they’d notice it slightly moving with the breeze.

This was the time she felt the most connected to herself, her power. She loves waking up this early, the silence gave her so much comfort. When she finishes in the kitchen, Calle lights the candles down the halls of the house with a wave of her hand. Calle decides to get Shay and Leo settled in their rooms and so she begins levitating Shay and Leo’s belongings upstairs. The only sounds in the house are the breathing of her friends in the living room and her steps up the stairs. 

On the second floor, where most of the bedrooms are, Calle drops off Shay’s belongings into the room next to Diane’s. She can sense the love and admiration Diane and Shay have for each other… and that both girls are foolish enough to not think that the other feels the very same. They’ve spent the year meeting being jealous of whomever the other was seeing. She can’t count the times she’s caught either girl looking at the other in a way they’d never look at anyone else. It is so clear to her. She believes that maybe if they are closer to each other, they will realize this. 

Calle takes it upon herself to clear up the room across the hall from Shay so that Leo can live near Shay. She gently places Leo’s belongings on the floor and heads for the room.

Calle spent an hour clearing up the room, it seemed to be Diane’s grandmother’s old art room. She opens box after box and casts a spell to place each piece of artwork around the house. The paintings were mostly impressionist paintings. One she assumed was an outline of her wife’s body. That one will go in the hall and be spelled onto the wall near Diane’s room. Just for fun. The impressionist paintings will line the walls in the living room and the hallway downstairs and the final painting of the sunset was placed outside Leo’s room.

Most of her time was spent trying to find the perfect piece of furniture to suit Leo. Now that they have their own room, they would need the space to chill after long days of school and whatever else they get up to. The abandoned tan futon that sat against the wall near the big window in the room would do well for their bed so that it allows for more space during the day. It will go great with the white and brown sheets and comforter they took with them. 

Grandma’s painting desk can be reused as Leo’s desk. Calle decided to leave all of the old art supplies in a box in the corner just in case Leo decided to get creative. When Calle finished, everyone was up downstairs. Diane and Shay were cooking up the prepared breakfast and Leo was doing their homework. Calle walked straight to them and said, “check the room upstairs. I found the perfect room for you.”

Leo sprang up and ran up the stairs. Calle summoned herself a mug of tea.

Diane followed right behind it scowling after Leo. “You’re not supposed to be doing magic in front of Leo or Shay! They don’t know witches are real!” She hissed.

“They already went upstairs! Plus, Leo would be ecstatic to know that magic is real.”

“No duh!” She hisses, “Shay doesn’t even kn-.”

“SHAY TOTALLY KNOWS!” Calle says incredulously.

“If I didn’t know then, I do not now!” Shay said from the kitchen.

“B-W- What?? Know what?” Diane said with uncertainty.

Shay came out to the kitchen and said, “Was I not supposed to notice all the times you woke me up from my naps while you were in the kitchen? You always made your voice sound like it was RIGHT in my ear. It’s really annoying. You hide speakers in your room to be annoying. You can’t do that now that I’m living here.”

“Y-Yeah. Of course not. I wouldn’t dream of it. No more speakers!”

“You should stop hiding the truth, my dear,” Calle said, moving to sit on the couch.

“My dear, you could try shutting up because I’ve already told her the truth” Diane rushed to the kitchen.

“Guys, just don’t do it again. This is now a safe space. It was just a prank but no more. You prank me again and I am moving out. I forgive you for now.”

“Big threat for someone who lied to me for years about how cute I actually looked while bald.”

“I really thought you looked cute! You always look so cute!”

“Stop! I think the only reason I got laid so often is probably because they assumed something was wrong with me.”

Shay reached out and softly touched Diane’s cheek, “Oh please! You are beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to fuck you.”

“What’s for breakfast?” Leo asks, carefully seating themselves into a seat at the kitchen table with their homework.

Shay and Diane laughed and pulled away slowly. 

“Calle set up some waffles and omelet fixings. All vegan so don’t you worry. Everything has been seasoned to perfection!” Diane replies while making everyone’s plates for breakfast

“Thank you! And Diane, thank you for letting us stay here. We’re so grateful. I don’t know where we’d live if it weren’t for you,”  says Leo.

“It’s no problem at all. I love you both and I might as well do something with this empty home. So do you have school today?”

“Yes. I’ll be going to school. I have a test today. What are you guys doing today?”

“I have a meeting with this other writer. She’s talking about collaborating on a story. I’m not sure if it will work out but she’s hot so maybe I’ll get some! If not, there’s always fuck buddy Becca.” She says sitting at the table placing a plate in front of herself and Leo. Shay carried her plate and Calle’s. 

Calle came in singing, “when will you stop fucking all these women and just settle the fuck down. This place smells like different perfumes and pussy. I’m over it.”

“Would you like for it to smell like one pussy and perfume?”

“Yes, I like consistency,” Shay grumbled.

“Look. I’m just tryna get laid” Diana shrugged, fork in hand. She dived her fork into her  omelet and took a bite, giving Shay a taunting look.

“So you really just fuck anyone?” Shay asked

Calle knew that meant, “So why not fuck me?”

“I don’t fuck just anyone. Well, there are different kinds of fucking. There are the quick fucks, accidental fucks, passion fucks-”

“Diane, I am 17, a minor. Please stop. I could tell my friends crazy things about fucking now. What will the teachers say?” said Leo.

“Whoa. Language.” Shay softly scolded.

“That better be a joke because your ass is out here talking wild as shit.”

“Um… lil one. Chill.” Shay says shoving a fork full of waffles into her mouth.

“I thought so. Calle, can you drive me to school? I need to pick your brain about something.”

“Oi! Don’t teach them anything crazy, Calle!” Scolded Shay.

“I won’t,” replied Calle, getting up to clean her and Leo’s plate. Diane noted the wink Calle gave Leo.

“Okay, well I am going to meet this beautiful woman. I’ll see you later. Have fun cleaning…”Diane grabs her things and leans over to give Shay a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Bye Shay!” Leo and Calle called out in unison and the three of them left the house. 

Leaving Shay alone to grumble to herself.

2 responses to “two garbage bags, a backpack and a long board| 32 Orchard Street”

  1. cookiemonsternoelmo Avatar

    I absolutely loved this, I used to love writing short stories when I was younger but fell out of love with them. I enjoyed reading this, keep up the good work
    Also, I wanted to tell you that you accidentally spelled “Shay” as “Shah” at the end of the paragraph that starts with “The following morning, Diane woke to the sounds….”
    Be well 🧡🧡🧡


    1. Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed the stories! That means so much! ah! thank you! ❤

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