love spells in cookies?| 32 orchard street

Leo sat at the kitchen table playing Sims. They were excited it was a long weekend because they could finally use the mods they created last week. They made fake magical abilities to mimic the new life they were living. It wasn’t their best work but it will do for now. Hopefully, sims will come out with a new expansion pack as good as sims 3 supernatural, until then, this will do. Calle was sitting on the wooden floor with them repotting the plants she found in the green room. Leo knew it would be easier for Calle to re-pot them in the green room but they knew the only reason she came in here was to keep Leo company.

The past week had been rough for them all. After learning that their friends were witches and then them getting stuck in a virus? Which Leo still was confused about — Violet just said they’d been hacked.

Since then, things haven been weird and it wasn’t because they’d learned that witches were real and not because everyone was still getting used to living together but because Shay and Diane hadn’t spoken a word to each other since.

 Diane was angry with Shay because, “Shay’s outburst was inconsiderate and painful to hear,” and instead of Shay hearing her out and apologizing to her best friend, she decided to be stubborn and bring back up the fact that Diane has kept her witchy side from them for years. Diane and Shay have refused to find some common ground or common sense and will not speak to each other. 

Thanksgiving was beyond awkward but at least they had dinner with their family, Calle, Violet, Luna, and their friends, Peter and Justin. Calle made a delicious amount of food and even though Shay and Diane avoided each other like the plague, spending time with everyone else was, playing games and seeing her family make fools out themselves had to be the highlight of the year.

“Leo! Did you throw out my pink crocs?” bellowed shay from upstairs.

“Why the hell would I throw out your shoes?” Leo shouted in return.

“Leo! Can you tell your annoying ass sister to stop yelling? People live here other than her!”

“Can you both shut up!” Calle huffed, “Why can’t those two either get along or just shut up.”

“Calle, relax. Don’t let their stupidity get you upset. They’ll get over it eventually.”

“Yes but will it be before or after I lose my mind.”

“Probably after,” Leo responded with a laugh.

Calle got very quiet, Leo looked over and the “it’s time to cause trouble” face. Her eyebrows were raised and a slow smile was growing on her face.

“Whatever it is you’re thinking about doing, stop yourself please,” Leo remarked.

Calle then perked up and dropped her gardening gloves on the floor and ran off.

“Where are you going!?” Leo called after Calle’s back and the only response was her retreating feet.

Leo decided to wait for whatever horrible thing Calle had brewing and watch it explode later and for now, they would just focus on their game. Their characters had glitched twice and almost killed themselves in the process.

Calle has always been in love with love — she has always been such a huge romantic. She cries at every movie and reads nothing but romantic novels so it is no surprise that she has perfected her love spell cookies.

She can make one make people fall in love or one to make new friendships and even ones to completely destroy a relationship but she made a promise to herself to never use As a matter of fact, she will do anything she can to make sure she doesn’t need to use her expert skills to make yet another batch but this fight between Shay and Diane has gone on long enough and it is about time she does something to fix it.

The one issue with the love spell cookies is that there always needs to be an even number of cookies. Each cookie has a connection to another cookie. Sometimes one will connect to two if needed but it can be a bit difficult when it comes to the love cookies. If you eat one cookie, you must find the right person to eat the cookie connected to that one. If the desired targets eat a cookie connected to anyone else then the whole thing gets out of whack. Fortunately, it does expire after a few weeks. It is not forever but they will have an intense friendship and romance for that week. So intense that they will want to keep it going. Sometimes it lasts, sometimes it doesn’t but it is nice and totally untraceable. It will never connect back to her.

She ran out of the kitchen to go and gather some ingredients. The issue between the friendship recipe and the love recipe is intention. Hopefully, Calle’s desire to get Diane and Shay together will not interrupt the recipe.

Calle grabbed the large rose quartz, some lavender, a white candle, and came plant-based butter. She ran up to her room, started up her hot plate. She lit the candle and placed the Rose Quartz between the candle and the hot plate. She paced the heating dish on the hot plate and melted the butter, shredded up the lavender, found her pre-spelled honey, and took a spoonful out and mixed it in. When it was all melted, she turned off the hot plate and sat cross-legged in front of the concoction and put herself in a meditative state, using her intention to bring two people together, for two people to be harmonious and find love for each other. Once she felt like everything had taken hold, she gathered the buttery mixture and headed downstairs to begin making the batter for the cookies.

In an hour, they will be glazed and ready for consumption.

“Hey! Why do you look like you’re up to something?” Diane said slightly out of breath. She just came in from her run. If it wasn’t for her being out of breath, no one would guess she went out to run 10K. She is never sweaty. She just glistens. She stood framed in the doorway looking at Calle far too suspiciously.

“I’m just baking cookies.”

“For Luna’s run today or for Christmas tree decorating tonight?”

“Uh. Yes. Of course. Of course I am baking for my girlfriend’s race and obviously for Christmas too!” She had completely forgotten about Luna doing her first 5k today. She honestly thought it was tomorrow. Which is ridiculous because everyone in the house had been talking about it for months now.

“You don’t sound very sure,” She said sitting at the table in the kitchen.

“Of course I am. I love Luna — most amazing girlfriend ever and we have been talking about this for months. How could I forget?  It is on my calendar. Why would you even ask that?” Calle’s voice got higher and more frantic the more she talked. Which made it so obvious that she was lying. She kept her back to Diane hoping that her face would give nothing away. Obviously, lying is not her specialty.

“I know you are lying and I don’t know why but my butt is hella sweaty so I’m going to shower and deal with your weirdness later.” She stood up and ran upstairs to the shower.

Calle took in a deep and calming breath and continued making her cookies, truly feeling like a sneaky storybook witch.

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