Christmas Tree Lighting| 32 Orchard Street



“Where has all the eggnog gone?” asked Peter.

“We do not drink eggnog in this household so what the hell were you drinking?” Justin laughed and kissed his boyfriend on the forehead.

“It was here, in this jar. It was so good…” Peter slurred, giving his boyfriend sad puppy dog eyes.

“Baby, that was coquito and I don’t think you should have anymore. we haven’t even lit the tree yet.” Peter sighed and leaned heavily on Justin– Justin giggled and pulled him close.

“Diane, when are we lighting the tree? I have to put Peter to bed.”

Diane yelled across the noisy room, “We have to wait for Harriet to get here with an extension cord!” Justin sighed in response and shifted his weight to plop his boyfriend into the chair closest to them. They headed to the kitchen to get him some water. Leo walked into the living room carrying a plate of food.

Leo and Calle spent hours making mushroom gyoza, fresh dips and homemade chips for the party only for Peter to arrive with six boxes of pizza. Everyone was supposed to say what they were bringing ahead of time. Leo was beyond annoyed that things already weren’t going the way she hoped.

Calle floated a tray of empty cups into the kitchen and just missed Leo’s head. She yelled out her apologies and Leo felt it was time for them to head somewhere quiet until the tree was lit. Too many drunk people when you are sober is never fun… so Leo decided to raid Calle’s stash of edibles.

The living room was filled with music and laughter and Shay had to strain her ears to hear the doorbell. The festivities of the night could not begin if Diane’s stupid new date didn’t arrive with an extra extension cord. The date who cornered Shay a few days ago at her studio and threatened her relationship with Diane.

Shay and Diane had been ignoring each other for a long while but she felt like it was time to suck it up and tell her that her date is insane. Shay wouldn’t be surprised if Harriet snuck into their home and stole all of their extension cords just so that she could look like the savior.

A small part of her brain knew that if she was so mad at Diane, she shouldn’t have been brewing on this for this long. She was five cups into coquito and sitting on the lap of an adorable golden retriever she met a few weeks ago at a gallery. She should really just focus on the limbo looking up at her with big eyes and a giant hand on her ass.

But then she heard the bell ring and she almost fell off his lap. He laughed and helped her up then promised to hold her closer. She smiled and hoped it looked genuine. At the same time, she heard the voice of the devil — all high pitched with false cheer… what a surprise she brought two extension cords and a bottle wine. She looked over to see Diane kiss her on her lips and her body went cold. She gave her golden retriever a kiss and told him she needed to use the bathroom when in reality she was going to grab another cup of coquito and cry in the greenhouse.

Diane saw Shay leave the room and from the look on her face, she knew something was wrong. She was about to make sure she was okay but Harriet turned her face and kissed her hard before pulling her into the kitchen. “This bottle of wine needs to be chilled– the dude at the grocery store said that it tastes better cold. In the meantime I should love to try what everyone’s drinking.” she flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and grinned. Something in the smile was slightly off putting but Diane couldn’t place it.There was something so small in her gut that knew something was wrong but she couldn’t figure out what… she also couldn’t shake this girl. She just kept appearing everywhere she went– at the bookstore, the cafe, the grocery store… she was just there. She heard about this little gathering and kind of invited herself.

When Diane and Calle realized they didn’t have another extension cord, Diane just asked her but Harriet decided to show up two hours after the event began with the most important item of the night. Nothing about Harriet was good but she was at least a distraction from her fight with Shay. Unfortunately for her, she tried finding a play thing during the holidays and now she has a woman hanging by her side at the family Christmas Tree Lighting Party. She gave Harriet a cup of coquito in exchange for the extension cord then dropped her off next to Shay’s himbo who easily swept her into conversation and Diane was able to get away.

Calle and Luna were swallowing each other in the hallway, Peter and Justin shared a chair and were Violet had her tarot cards out and was giving them a reading. She had already taken off her makeup and party clothes and was in her pink onesie. Which leaves Leo and Shay missing.

Diane ran upstairs and checked Leo’s room first. Leo was laying on their floor, listening to the song their crush made for them. Leo rushed him from school, with a huge grin because Highlight wrote them a song. It was the cutest thing Diane had seen. Next to them was an open tin of Calle’s cookies. Little did Leo know, they weren’t edibles but Calle’s special love spell cookies. She wondered why Calle was acting so sketchy– she wasn’t allowed to make these unless there was a dire need and even so, she needed to speak to Diane first.

Calle made these to make sure she and Shay started talking again… she probably decided not to give them out because it was a bad idea… poor Leo is now left swooning on the floor… maybe they should invite Highlight over, Diane thought

“Leo, Highlight lives two blocks away, invite them over and give them this cookie when they come, okay?” Diane picked them up from the floor. For a quick second she wondered if it was okay to give a seventeen year old a love spell cookie but they wear off after a few weeks so she figured it would be okay. After Leo made the call and Highlight promised they were on their way, she guided Leo to the stairs and placed a cookie in their hand.

Diane picked up the tin of cookies and went to find Shay.

Shay had just finished her cup of coquito when Diane came into the greenhouse. She was about to get up and leave but she handed her a a cookie and sat down next to her. She grabbed one for herself and the two of them ate the cookie and looked at the stars.

She finished her cookie and she felt… pleasantly… numb. She looked over at Diane, who glowed in the moonlight– the most beautiful star in all the universe, she thought.

Shay tentatively grabbed her face, making Diane look at her– she wondered distantly if Diane would pull away before she slowly pulled her in and kissed her softly on her lips. “I’m sorry for yelling before. I was just scared.” Diane just nodded and leaned in, pulling her in for another kiss. Shay was surprised Diane wanted her too. It was different from how it felt with that shapeshifter. She felt the years of friendship melt into something more, at least she was hoping. Diane held her and slowly pulled her onto her lap. Diane’s lips were just as soft as she imagined it would be.

Diane grabbed her hips and the kiss went deeper. She was pleasantly surprised when Diane lifted her up and placed her back gently on the bench. Breathless and yearning, Shay pulled her in to kiss her neck and down to her breast. She needed their clothes off, she needed to be closer to her… but then they were interrupted.

Calle strode in and laughed, shocking them both, “I made those cookies way too strong Leo and Highlight can’t stop touching each other. Come on! Let’s light the tree and get this out of your system.”

Shay looked at Diane, hoping for confirmation to continue but instead she looked terrified. She hopped up and apologized over and over again.

Shay was hoping to have made some progress in being with her but she guessed the feeling wasn’t mutual. Shay just nodded and told her it was okay and that she needed a moment. After a few false smiles, Calle and Diane were headed to the living room and Shay stayed there trying to catch her breath before she got up to go and light the fucking tree.

Luna gave her sweet Calle a kiss on the forehead when she arrived with Diane. Diane looked like she just saved the world by strangling a kitten with her barehands. After Calle explained what happened, she figured she had an accurate description. Everyone but Shay and Diane knew they were in love with each other anti seemed like it was just about to happen… but then Calle ruined the moment. Calle told her that she was going to hurry up the tree lighting so that they could go upstairs and fuck but she didn’t expect her to go and ruin their little love spell moment. It seemed like everyone was ready to jump each other’s bones, love cookies or not. The golden retriever and the stalker left a while ago after almost have sex on the floor. Instead they went to hook up in the crazy girl’s car.

Leo, Highlight, Peter, Justin and Violet sat around the tree. we were all waiting for Shay to come inside. Luna had to admit how annoying it was that they all waited the entire night just waiting for someone to plug in a string of lights.

Shay finally walked in, eyes puffy and looking utterly destroyed. Luna came over to hold her a guide her to the couch. Next to Calle, Shay was her favorite in the group. She held her close and put her head on her shoulder. “Leo, please do the honors!” Shouted Violet from her place on the floor. They all faced the tree, Highlight put on their favorite holiday playlist. they were lighting the tree to the horrible Christmas song that was circulating around TikTok. They all sang loud and off key as Leo plugged in the lights and the room was illuminated by string lights and the smiles of her family.

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