Launching My Patreon

Hello, readers!

Yesterday, I had a bit of a scare. I realized that my only source of income is my unemployment.

Over the past few years, getting a job was pretty easy but this pandemic has left me and so many other people across the globe unemployed.

The unemployment has been a great but yesterday, I had the terrifying realization that when it does come to an end. I literally have no way to make any kind of money. If you check out my writing vlog video on my YouTube channel, you can see when that realization set in and also when I started to panic. I had to cut down most of that panic because watching someone panic about money for forty minutes straight is not exciting content but… I’m getting off track. When I realized I had no other source of income, I realized that the projects I have been working on really need to drop soon.

I’ve started a patreon. I know I don’t have a huge following but I do hope that maybe, just maybe you would be willing to support me and why journey. I would love a safety net for just incase this unemployment thing falls through.

I now have a patreon and I will soon be opening this site up to start selling my candles under the name Mocha & Chai (named after my pets).

I am praying that you would like to support my work and my small business. My patreon will be a little rocky this week because I decided to start it yesterday mid crisis but the link is up if you would like to support me by paying $5 a month, I will have a whole lot of content waiting for you after this week is over.

Here is my patreon!

New video!

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