my favorite writing resources 

I am not a taught writer and so sometimes i feel like i’m lacking. I wonder if i’m writing a scene using the right amount of emotion or care and so i spend a stupid amount of time devouring resources to give me a better

One stop for writers is an amazing resource because it gives you information on emotions and settings. it describes the ways your characters would react in certain circumstances. it is by far my favorite writing resource

(i plan on doing a give. away soon for this subscription)

Toni Adeyemi created a site with so many awesome writing resources, i highly recommend checking this site out. the MBTI method that she has as well as writing worksheets has helped me in the past and she does offer writing programs if you can afford the service.

masterclass! i applied for masterclass back in May to listen to N.K Jemisin. I am so obsessed with her work and I was so excited that she had her own masterclass and i immediately watched the whole way through. There are amazing creatives there and i think it’s a really great resource.

last but definitely not least, please go on social media, where you can connect with other creatives and get some awesome advice there or follow awesome tags or creatives that give phenomenal advice on how to write the best novel possible

here is the collection of writing prompts that i created

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