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I feel like the last two posts I’ve written were really heavy so for a litter post, I want to share what my favorite pieces of media to enjoy in my spare time.

I usually do posts about the books or tv shows I’ve enjoyed but this time, I will be sharing my favorite podcasts, YouTubers and webtoons!

Favorite YouTubers:

Samantha Maria: lifestyle| fashion| travel

I have been watching her videos for close to a decade. She is the content creator I aspire to be, she shares her life in very tactful ways and gives enough info to give advice but not enough for people’s opinions to control her life. She has grown so much over these years and I still love seeing all that she creates.

This video is one of my favorite recent videos. I hope you enjoy her content, I also recommend checking out her instagram.

Tina Huang: Tech| Lifestyle| Productivity

I am also really into the tech part of YouTube and I have really been enjoying Tina Huang’s content. If you want to get into Data Analysis or Data Science, she was a great place to start for me.

Now onto Webtoons:

(not mentioning Heartstopper, we all know it is amazing but I started the series a while ago and I want to introduce the new things I’ve enjoyed)

Machine Uprising: This one was surprising for me, I wasn’t sure I would get into it in the way that I did but I am really looking forward to getting some answers in this series!

Yeong-gi Han, a talented soccer prospect teenager, loses all hope when he gets into an accident and hurts his left hand. He receives a prosthetic hand through a clinical trial and soon after, has constant nightmares of machines coming to life and destroying its surroundings. In the midst of confusion, he is chased by mysterious people and as he runs for his life, a girl he’s never met saves him and acts as if she knows him well. Who is she and why is he being chased? What is happening to his surroundings?

Time and Time Again: I read this at like 4 in the morning so that I could get free coins but now I am obsessed and have been trying to stop myself from using my coins to read the next few episodes. Fast Pass is calling my name.

Every full moon, the rambunctious werewolf Steve is forced to time travel. To his dismay, circumstances require that vampire agent Adam keeps Steve from “destroying the entire universe” or whatever. Adam is putting his job and his life on the line for Steve, but despite their best efforts the two find themselves in mortal danger from Steve’s uncontrollable abilities and from the unfathomable red tape of Adam’s work, time and time again.

Get Schooled: I saw a TikTok describing an arc in this series and because of that TikTok, I got into webtoons. It is so damn good. I am well into fast pass with this one and I am very happy about it. It is so damn good.

Hwajin Na’s teaching techniques are pretty violent for someone who works in the Ministry of Education. That being said, when punishments don’t seem to work on even the worst of school bullies, there is no better man for the job. Sometimes you can’t get a good education until those bullies are taught a lesson.

Let’s Play:This series is cute and intimate and romantic. I am seriously obsessed. I love me some romance and the characters created are so fun and full of life. I am also deep into fast pass with this series which is why I need to be stopped!

She’s young, single and about to achieve her dream of creating incredible videogames. But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse she finds out that same troublesome critic is now her new neighbor! A funny, sexy and all-too-real story about gaming, memes and social anxiety. Come for the plot, stay for the doggo.

Podcasts, she shortest list of them all:

Sistas Who Kill:

Sistas Who Kill is a podcast created by black woman who speak about black woman who are killers. I love their episodes because it gives a fun spin to true crime podcasts. I am so grateful they created this show.

Back to Square One:

This is a pretty mindful podcast with these two friend who talk about their struggles growing up, relationships etc. I would love to create a podcast like this, one that is so open and vulnerable. Derek and Carmen are pretty open with each other, they laugh and they also talk about their traumas and I really love that about this show. It is so nice. They just finished season one and are considering coming back for a new season after a few months have passed and after they have lived a bit longer and can share more about what they’ve gone through.

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