Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey (spoilery review)

I would like to start by saying that I enjoyed so much of this book. I really love Tessa Bailey’s work. She has written amazing and swoon-worthy books that I never want to put down and this book had me like that for so long but then the end got a bit dull.

Their conflict as a couple took me out because it seemed silly. The formula for romance books is to have a conflict that could be sorted out with just one conversation that they don’t have for most of the book. I love that formula, it stresses me out and keeps me on the edge of my seat every single time. Trust me, I am obsessed but this one conversation should have been had from the jump and the longer they kept it a secret… the sillier it got.

I also feel like the two characters needed just a bit more to tie them together. It was an “opposites attract” love story but I didn’t fully see the two of them together happily. He needs total structure and she is chaos. I like feeling like the characters will be happy and together long term in the end and I didn’t feel that way with them.

Having read the entire book— the ending of the book still hasn’t stuck and I have read it twice. In my brain, they are still sad about the explosion of their relationship conflict and are longing to get back to each other. 

I’ve given this book 3/5 stars. I loved so much of the book and Tessa Bailey but the ending fell flat for me.

There is also this really icky trope that was in it that I didn’t particularly care for… 

prepare for a big ol spoiler…


you sure??

It is the virginity trope. she waited forever because she wanted him so bad that she never moved on from almost kissing her high school crush. she never really moved on. but him? he completely forgot about her until he is reminded of who she is and boy is he excited to take her virginity. how hot it is for him to take her virginity… yuck. it was not my thing.

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