The ‘Am I A Lesbian?’ Masterdoc is amazing.

Back in 2018, I often found myself swooning over garbage men and pretending like their horrible behavior was amazing. Though I identified as bisexual, I was still too afraid to date women. I mean, I still am. Approaching or asking out a woman or non-binary person feel scarier than asking out a man. I used […]

I think of love as such a tentative thing.

I think of love as such a tentative thing. I think that if I get close If I try and touch it,  If I hold it in my hand, it will break Crumble Burn Disappear. The moments when I feel like I could love I could be loved I hesitate I feel the crumble.  I […]

Writing update!

32 Orchard Street is slowly losing its place in my heart. I feel excitement and joy for these characters in autumn when things are cold and orange and the feeling of wicked witches whispering in the dark keeping me thrilled and motivated but now I kind of want to write something else. I won’t leave […]

What happened to Leo? | 32 Orchard Street

“Alright, kids. It’s time for me to make us all some celebratory burgers! Prepare yourselves for JOY!” Calle half yelled and half slurred  to their crew making their way back into Diane’s house. Today they celebrated the fact that everyone has now moved into 32 Orchard Street. Violet was the last to move. Her mother […]


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