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Lucky in love

I am so lucky in love. I used to think I was unlovable. My dad would tell me and my family “I love you but I don’t have to like you” and I started to think that’s how it’s is. I have people in my life that love me but they don’t always like me. I have no idea how or why I believed that for so long. I have people in my life who hold me when I’m overwhelmed and sobbing because I’m working a shitty job, behind in my studies and stressed about my aunt’s cancer. I have…

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It’s about time for me to make a comeback. I’ve stopped writing because the only things I’ve been wanting to mention were things that were just a bit too personal. I wanted to do this whole story about panicking about making new friends and starting a new job and then another about living in the craziness that is my family but I hesitated. I tend to panic about how much I’m giving to people because some people handle vulnerability with a lot of negativity. Some people will add in their two cents when people just need to express and that’s…

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favorite books I read this summer

Fake it Till You Bake it by Jamie Wesley I was reading this book when I’d just started my job and it helped me through so much of the stress with starting a new job. Following Jada and Donovan’s love story was fun and sweet. I loved every inch of this and have definitely been inspired to bake a few goodies along the way. Reading a book with two black successful people falling in love was exactly what I needed. Jamie Wesley really did her thang with this book. A reality star and a cupcake-baking football player pretend to be…

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in my spare time

I feel like the last two posts I’ve written were really heavy so for a litter post, I want to share what my favorite pieces of media to enjoy in my spare time. I usually do posts about the books or tv shows I’ve enjoyed but this time, I will be sharing my favorite podcasts, YouTubers and webtoons! Favorite YouTubers: Samantha Maria: lifestyle| fashion| travel I have been watching her videos for close to a decade. She is the content creator I aspire to be, she shares her life in very tactful ways and gives enough info to give advice…

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the low maintenance friend.

As I am embracing my glow up era, one thing has been coming up over and over again Actually, it has been a reoccurring thought since the pandemic and that is that I have been living my life as the low-maintenance friend.  I have been the friend that will go with the flow, cry alone in my room and then be smily and cracking jokes for friends like 30 minutes after a breakdown. I never wanted to dominate the attention because I know people are going through things and I didn’t want my stuff to get in the way of…

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✨it’s time for a glow up✨

Hello all, I have spent the past few years trying to put myself back in order. Astrologers have said Capricorns have been going through it and I can confirm. I feel like I have been taking hit after hit and all while still living in a space that constantly brings so much stress and pain. People have said that you cant heal where you’ve been hurt and that has stuck with me. While staying in this house, I often have flashes of memories that bring me right back to an old and vulnerable place. I recently had a moment where…

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my love of romance ❤

hey, it’s been a while but i am back! i hope you’re doing well, bestie! lately, i have been sooooo in love with romance books. i was in one of my worst reading slumps for maybe a month but then i started reading romance and i was… smitten. i wanted to share with you guys some of the books i fell in love with this year. these are books i loved and definitely plan on rereading. if you’d like to fall in love with love, i recommend you pick up a copy of these books… okay? let us begin! All…

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Just like the rest of y’all, these past couple of years has been stesssfuuullll. But I am trying to get things back together and get consistent with the things I enjoy again. I really missed blogging and making YouTube videos but I’ve felt this intense block. I felt like I had nothing interesting to say and that no one even cares about what I shared but now… I no longer give a shit because I really like making content. I love chatting about things that come to mind and so I am back with a vengeance. Now allow me to…

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my favorite writing resources 

I am not a taught writer and so sometimes i feel like i’m lacking. I wonder if i’m writing a scene using the right amount of emotion or care and so i spend a stupid amount of time devouring resources to give me a better One stop for writers is an amazing resource because it gives you information on emotions and settings. it describes the ways your characters would react in certain circumstances. it is by far my favorite writing resource (i plan on doing a give. away soon for this subscription) Toni Adeyemi created a site with so…

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NaNoWriMo 2021

Hello it has been a minute since ive written but this year has been… exhausting. Im currently listening to Adele’s new album and being cured of all stresses and insecurities. im waiting until its a little later for me to really get into my feelings and drink some wine while crying to this freaking album. To be Loved actually had me sobbing earlier today. this woman has crack in her voice and we are all addicted. okay, now that im done with that for now, lets get to what i came here for. this year, i participated in nanowrimo with…

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I write stuff about gay nerds. I hope you like it. im currently working on a podcast, a book and moving. pray for me.

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