The Rose Society by Marie Lu

Hello, Everyone! I've finally finished reading the Rose Society, the second book of the Young Elites. It has taken me such a long time. Not because I didn't enjoy it but because I've had so many distractions that I couldn't focus.. plus, I've listened to so many audio books but finally I am done! And O.M.G [...]


Hey guys! Let's start this thing! Let me start by saying I used to be so against audiobooks. I believed if you want to read a book then READ it but recently. I've been loving them! I enjoy listening to them while I'm reading or listening while I'm doing other things you can't normally d [...]

The Books in Between

Howdy! So.. Starting this whole post every Wednesday thing! Look out for the fun! These are the books in between series because I freaking love series! So after finishing the beautiful Thorne of Glass series I gave myself six days to finish these three books. The first that I finished was The Giver by Lois [...]

I’m back!!

Hello, all! I am back from my vacation and I wanted to update my blog! I'm still talking to my gift from the universe. He is a really nice kid and through him, I can see the struggle that so many people my age deal with.. the lack of independence and freaking money. Geez. but [...]

The Treatment

Hey! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This weekend I've finished The Treatment by Suzanne Young. I couldn't sleep Saturday night so I decided to try and finish my book. Starting to read this book was a bit of a letdown. It was such a slow book. There wasn't much progression in the [...]